Miracle Money

Miracle Money is referred to describe money that comes from the divine or source/heaven/god, coming from where the ONE SOURCE that all comes from, creation itself.

 I choose to stay with the words Miracle Money because I know that tremendous amount of generated energy is concentrated in those words from all the experiences of others who have experienced it.  Just as with the words Already Done.

Unveiling the Mystery around
Miracle Money

Though I love using the words miracle money, I have also demystified the underlying truth of it.  Miracles imply mystery and non rational understanding of how it occurs or is materialized in just showing up in accounts, wallets, pockets, books, floor and about any place you can imagine it to show up, it does.  It’s no longer referred to as a miracle when we understand what’s going on.

Miracle Money comes from creator and creation itself.  There’s no medium as we have in the intellectual rational world reality.  Money is exchanged through services and when borrowed it is integral and a legal rule to pay it back.  So money in conformed reality is conditional.  Miracle money has absolutely no conditions.

In the video below and most of the videos she uses The Lord (which we know is the god lord of our own being within) as her medium which we refer to as the ONE SOURCE. 

She mentions her commitment to believing without doubt and envisioning in her imagination, and that it did take years for the manifestations. Then she says God is speeding manifestations faster now.  Which teachings actually say it is our own convincing ourselves of what we dare to believe of the seeming impossible to be possible.   

Money Shows Up for Cynthia Sue Larson

Yet for many others money just appears seeming out of nowhere into bank accounts and in other places in our homes.  Cynthia Sue Larson shares her experience at 16.27 in the video below of $1000.00 showing up in her bank account and at her seminar a man in the audience experienced a $1000.00 showing up unexpectedly in his dresser drawer.

Money Shows up for Others
with Uebert Angel

At 9.35 in the video below Angel says it all that do not question if miracle money showing up is real or not, but that it is happening.

Miracle Money is Unconditional

Just as true love from the One Source is unconditional, miracle money is also unconditional.  It has taken me actually this lifetime and probably many others to understand this one truth about money.  In the past I just as many others had so many conditions upon money and giving it way too much authority and power.  Of course after SR I did struggle for awhile to really accepting what SR showed me, that I and all others originally and eternally are of the ONE SOURCE of LOVE. 

As I continue to work through subconscious hidden beliefs and ideas I held as true, finally a mountain hill of false error beliefs began to dissolve.  And one morning the AHA moment of realization came not from the intellect, but from the Being level that money was totally unconditional like unconditional love.

The video I put together below is a great way to reprogram your subconscious mind for unlimited money.  When watched repetitiously until you begin to notice more money showing up in your life.

Realization of Unconditional Miracle
Money Changes Everything

What that meant for me was phenomenal because it changes everything.  Just as the ONE SOURCE doesn’t have any conditions on the personalities or anything else, miracle money is the same way.  It is given with no conditions, no justifications, no having to work or earn it.  Miracle Money is just given and shows up because we allow it to with believing/accepting it will.

If others tells you that to get Miracle Money one must do certain techniques as prayer or that it comes from some other source be it higher beings, and that it has to be spent in certain ways or shared or any kind of condition, that's an error because there are no conditions. 

Exactly as is stated, Miracle Money is unconditional with NO conditions.  It has no rules or regulations whatsoever.  Any human can add what they believe to be true, but that doesn’t make it true at all.

Miracle Money is condition less, has no conditions but to be given freely.  That’s what unconditional love also is, loving others unconditionally.  If you love for conditions it’s not unconditional, it’s ego and has an expectancy to receive something back.

Money Shows up for Peter

At 5.25 in the video Peters friend shared his experience of money multiplying in his pocket for exactly what he needed for an insurance bill coming due.  This gave Peter the idea while listening to his friends experience of money appearing for what he needed the same way for the  amount he needed which was thousands of dollars.  And then it did appear in his pocket that night.

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