Phone the Dead

Phone the dead may sound very abrupt, however it implies specifically what it describes.  I am quite sure that most of us on this awakening or expanding consciousness journey have often thought about being able to use technology to contact loved ones or anyone who has passed on.

Throughout history there has always been mediums and many of us that have been able to communicate mentally and or visually with others who have passed on from this reality. 

Since all the advances of technology, computers and the global internet we are able to communicate to anyone regardless of distance and interact instantaneously.  Whether through cell phones, email, texts or skype to be able to visually see the other we are communicating with.  So it only makes logical sense that eventually the next stage would be to communicate through technology to phone the dead of others who passed on, or even to others in other dimensional realities.

Phone the Dead through Soul Phone

Phone the dead through the new SoulPhone which is a team that has been working for over a decade to be able to use technology to communicate with others who have passed on.  You are probably familiar with Dr. Gary Schwartz as he has written many books and interviews on the paranormal, afterlife and healing etc... 

Phone the dead is just one tool.  So many other tools will become available for us to access and connect to others not of this world.

Thinning the Veils 
between Dimensional Realities

We already know that there are infinite dimensional realities going on and have always been.  Phone the dead will just be another tool for us to communicate through what may appear to be veils that are similar to boundaries that hide the other realities.  When we limit any noise and focus by putting our attention upon another, whether in this world or another world (dimension or reality) including others who have died, we can easily connect to them.  

Seth channeled through Jane Roberts referred to these doors or veils as camouflages.  Each dimensional reality has camouflages that create the boundaries between all the infinite realities.  We access them through changing our focus of attention.  Tom Campbell speaks allot about how easily we access these different realities by just changing our focus which is similar to changing a channel on a television or radio.  To phone the dead will eventually become so natural using our cell phones.

Who are We Communicating With?
And Which Version?

Quantum physics has really expanded to open the veils.  More and more physicists and scientists, along with many people not only have been researching and coming to conclusions that we may be living in a simulated reality.  If that is the case then whoever we are accessing whether being to phone the dead or communicating whether through voices or visions may be the actual person that passed on or others from other realities.

Or it could also be computer generated from a memory bank of the "other" we have contacted and accessed.  Or it could be our own version?  I know this becomes really deep when we contemplate upon all of these possibilities.

Contemplating Dreaming
and Other Versions of Others

I cannot help but going deeper from contemplating my dreaming reality.  Whenever I remember a vivid dream, when I wake up the dream seemed so real.  As an example while dreaming and when a few of my family members are in it, and then upon awakening from the dream, I talk to one or more of the family members that were in my dream and yet they were at home doing other things.  Yet they were so real in my dream. I can't help but contemplate upon this.

Is it that in my dream I am engaging with different versions of people, literally my versions of them.  How could they be in two places at once?  But there is evidence of others who have bilocated.  And what if another was dreaming of the same person, they'd have to be in 2 or more places at one time.  I know it's been taught that we are multidimensional beings.  I am still trying to comprehend and understand more of that too.

I again go back to Seth and his explanation of reality and how we are constructing our own versions all the time.  

Seth on Apparitions 
Constructing and Perceiving 

"All systems of reality are created, or constructed by those who perceive the system.  Those who do not construct a system cannot perceive it.  Now.  There is nothing at all unusual in Precognitive experiences.  They occur constantly beneath the level of your awareness.  However, there are certain  conditions necessary before precognition can arise to conscious levels, and there are definite conditions that must exist  before what you call apparitions can be perceived.

So called apparitions are not unusual.  They are more or less constant.  Many of these apparitions exists in their own system whether or not you PERCEIVE them.  Some apparitions exist in their own system whether or not you PERCEIVE them. Some apparitions are CONSTRUCTED by the PERCIEVER and are basically caused by telepathic communication.  But ALL apparitions are NOT of this nature.

All apparitions however, to APPEAR AS or within the physical system MUST BE constructed by the perceiver in the same manner that ALL physical objects are constructed.  Again to or for anything to APPEAR in the physical system, it must be CONSTRUCTED by the PERCEIVER. This does not mean that apparitions are ONLY the result of such construction on the part of the perceiver.

The PERCEIVER CONSTRUCTS  the pseudo-material apparitions as he constructs the physical image of his contemporaries, but in, or rather in line with telepathic data that is received by or from the Consciousness whose material Image is being constructed.

PRIMARY AND SECONDARY PHYSICAL CONSTRUCTIONS.                               You recall we spoke of PRIMARY and SECONDARY Physical Constructions.  These classifications apply regardless of the basic nature of the consciousness that is to be materially formed.  An apparition constructed as a result of telepathic data, picked up by the PERCEIVER in message form, will be constructed by him in precisely the same manner that an apparition will be constructed that is a reflection of a survival personality (someone who died)  The difference is not in construction for the methods of construction are the same. 

Secondary Construction for example,  Mr. A in his bedroom telepathically picks up the thoughts of his brother many miles distant.  Now.  If he merely picks up his brother's thoughts, and the thought is " I am dying.  I wish to say goodbye to my brother"  THEN the receiver of the message could FORM the apparition of the dying brother, and then PERCEIVE it in his bedroom.

PRIMARY CONSTRUCTION  If the dying brother made an OOB journey before or after death for a last visit, then the receiver would still have to construct the apparition himself in order to perceive the apparition.

Nothing is seen directly.  You are always forming such constructions, and the methods by which this is accomplished are the same regardless of the nature of the consciousness which is to be perceived in physical terms.  In all cases, if the ego consciousness is to be reached, some SENSE IMAGING is necessary.  SENSE IMAGES are built up, you see, in the same manner whether or not you are trying to perceive an apple, a star, or a human being.

They are built up in the same manner whether or not you want to perceive a thought that must be made physical, or the Image of a Consciousness that must be made physical.  You have noticed in our own work that often time information will be perceived by Ruburt in terms of visual images.  I don't give Ruburt the info in this manner. The images are formed from ideas.  Usually they are formed by Ruburt's ideas.  I try to direct his image making, but in both instances, the same process of Image Making is involved.

You can understand in fact the way in which SENSE IMAGES are organized  much more clearly by studying instances where Sense Images exist without an actual object representing them in the physical universe.  This shows that SENSE IMPRESSIONS are independent of objects.


Using Holography will Make it
even more Exciting

Phone the dead seems amazing enough, however holography would even be more fantastic.  As we've already seen some videos a few years ago of Celine Dion singing with a Elvis's hologram.   Interacting with "others" from other realities including our loved ones that passed on will be even more exciting.  Once they get the phone the dead soulphone working consistently, I am quite sure that the next thing will be the holographic version.

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