Preferred Info

Preferred Info is Using
Any Present Moment Powerfully

Preferred Info is being so specific that you give the exact information you want to experience.  All it takes is some practice, and naturally the info that you want to experience will be a natural habit, instead of reacting from old default programming or memories. 

I used preferred information again this morning when I hit both my toes from not being present, not paying attention to what I was doing.  I hit the toes so hard and felt such pain.  And then I stopped and said to myself,

“what info do I want the system (meaning my body system) to experience?

The old default program that states, accident, injury, pain, suffering until healed with time?  Or new preferred info that it never occurred?  So I reminded myself, do not send any info to the body system except, rewind, it didn’t even occur.  I had to do this for at least one minute, and then I got up and walked as if nothing did occur.

Contemplating Upon Preferred Info

After I experienced nothing, as if I didn’t bang my toes, I had to stop and contemplate to myself what was going on, why it does work, and also how does it work.  Though it may sound quite easy and intellectually to make sense, it’s not until we do it enough times that we see the proof that it really does work this way.

So I contemplated the how’s and why’s it works.  If it’s true that everything is information, then information is all that’s needed to be used.  I no longer need to use processing time and use different concepts as brain, mind etc…if we are in a simulated reality to our true selves, and if everything really is virtual and based on information, then that’s all we need to use.

No Processing Time if
There’s No Concepts to use for Processing

Using Preferred Info also means shortening the processing time that’s needed compared to perceiving things with different parts.  Perceiving that the body has a brain, nervous system with different parts that processes all the information, and a mind from the result of the brain to a body with billions of cells and organs etc… 

This is separating allot of concepts or metaphors of things to process which takes allot of time too.   Which I do agree is needed in the beginning stages that may take years to conceptualize everything for better understanding.  But once we’ve spent years learning so much about the body, brain, mind, nervous system and all the biology, spiritualism and nature of reality, it’s time to speed up the processing time and manifesting.

At this stage of the game it’s time for less time and processing.  To do that we also must grow in awareness about the nature of reality.  When we begin to speculate virtual, digital, simulated realities that IT IS ALL information , we can let go of all the metaphors and concepts of all the different parts.  I find Tom Campbell one of the best who elegantly gets this message across.  Though it’s taken me some time to really be able to let go of beliefs and everything that no longer fits the way I interpret reality.  Having an open mind is very helpful so we can expand to new ideas that suit us as we evolve in consciousness. 

A great reality tool to add with the preferred info for doing this is using the statement “already done” with intense emotions as if the reality we desire is already the one we are feeling.

Tom Campbell …
Everything is Information

I must admit, I watched allot of Tom Campbell videos and read his book to understand more of what science is leading us towards, that reality is information.  When Tom suggests to drop everything but consciousness and the server because it is all computation.  I was in shock. 

Everything?  That meant for me to stop playing around and experimenting in changing beliefs.  The one part that finally resonated that I became to understand the importance of dropping beliefs was in a video he explained about a belief of being nice.  

If another hurts a loved one, and if we have a belief of being nice, we may have a challenge with using violence to protect a loved one.  But if we have no beliefs, and are coming from a being of real love, then we do what we need to do in every situation without dogmas or beliefs or ego. You can watch more in the video about it.

Using Preferred Info Changes Reality

I’ve done this now with injuring my hip, and in a moment, inserting the preferred info of it not happening.  Then no default reactionary info gets into the system.  Instead just the info I desired and focused upon, inserting the command, “no it didn’t happen” so no injury or pain informational data gets in to be processed.  Instead only my preferred information that all is well, nothing happened.  So the system doesn’t know the difference. 

If it really has no brain, mind etc…because it’s all simulated virtually, then only the info we give it is the command.  If there’s nothing literally stored anywhere but probabilities that modify the outcome, then we get to choose the info and instantly it is accepted and then we experience that as our reality. 

 When we take a deeper look at the opposite of preferred info compared to default info, this is what we experience.  Whenever we hurt ourselves somewhere in the body, the default reaction from past automatic memories or programming kicks in (because we’re not being aware and conscious enough in the moment to change it) we feel pain.  Along in the attached program comes suffering and time processing for healing.  So really it’s just reversing the information we are giving it to be of our preferred info.

Using the Highest Information

The information is what our true self uses and tries to get the free will personality body to follow to keep it evolving.  But when we’re so stuck in programming of the past of default systems, we will miss what intuition is coming to ourselves from our highest self.  When we become the highest self, we then work from that pure source, and the personality body is now its conscious tool to work through without any resistance or effort.

However, the learning process and experiences are a very important part of our own individual growth.  To be consciously aware at all time of what we are manifesting as our experiences so that our creations are of all high values for evolution.  And unconditional love is the highest value and Source of Everything.  So loving everything is the highest value that evolve reality.

Creating a Running
Program of Info of Preferred Info

It will take still some repetition to create the program to be running optimally in the beginning.  Each time we use Preferred Info into a moment when we want a preferred change, and experience the successful results, the program becomes stronger into what we call a habit.  A habit is when we no longer have to think about what we are doing, we are just able to do it.  From our true level of being, the emotional being there is no effort, unless there’s old default programming info getting in the way. 

Similar to a programmer that creates a certain program for a computer game.  Once it’s created and working efficiently, the computer accepts it and runs from that program.  We as aware consciousness are continuously create new programming commands for our evolution in this game of life for new evolved experiences that will lower entropy.  Unconditional love and compassion lowers entropy through the valuing of love, appreciation etc… of high elevated emotions.

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