Revision Enjoyment
for Ourselves and Others

Revision Enjoyment for Ourselves and Others is such a fun way to interact with others, especially when hearing them sharing to us what they do not want, and revising it to what they do want.

It also conjures up feelings of fun, enjoyment and compassion using our powerful abilities in the most beneficial ways.  Many others may still be in the unconscious habit of complaining instead of focusing on what they prefer, so we can be a conduit of transformation for others just by hearing what they do not want and envisioning or hearing what they would prefer instead.

Revision is a Win Win 

Revision Enjoyment for Ourselves and Others is a win win way for ourselves as we are using our powerful abilities in the most Divine profound ways.  Instead of getting lost and enmeshed in another's negativity, we can be the transformer, transforming for others what they would prefer.  Even if we do not say anything to them, and instead just revise to hear what they prefer.

In some cases if another is actually aware of creating reality we may be able to mention that we are revising.  It can just be as a helpful reminder to the other, but for others who are not aware, we can just silently in our own focus revise to hear or envision what they would prefer.

Revision Repetition does Become a
Running Program

Revision Enjoyment for Ourselves and Others and done often enough through repetition, eventually creates it to be a running program or memory of successful wishes fulfilled.  It becomes so natural and automatic built in with natural expectations and walla!  When you begin to see more and more proof for yourself, it becomes so much fun and enjoyable and the most loving thing we can do for not only ourselves, but for others too.

I have also noticed whenever I am speaking to another who is just complaining and as I continue to inwardly revise the conversation, it begins to shift and change into such powerful and loving conversation.  It always ends in a very uplifting way.  

Revision is a Loving Way for Any Situation 

Love does seem to be the most powerful Divine way to handle any situation or person.  No matter what reactions we or others react in a negative way, returning to a loving way always seems to melt the situation to the best outcome.  It not only brings ourselves back to unconditional love, but also brings the other back to their original Source, Divine Self behind all the camouflages or personality character traits.  

Unveiling our true self and the others no matter how long it takes us to get to that Source zone in our interactions.  So revising enjoyment for ourselves and others is surely the best way for all concerned.  We really do become our Ideal Self for ourself and also in all encounters and also in every situation too, revising seems to actuality be creating in the present moment. 

It doesn't matter how it works, though realizing that every moment we are creating (as Seth said) revision is recreating.  When we get into the Infinite Divine Habit of revising, recreating until it becomes so enjoyable and we master it so naturally.  Every day in every way, and every encounter and situation can be fun, enjoyable and divinely productive too. 

The Phone Operator who Revised for Others with Great Success

Neville Goddard became a Master in mastering revision for himself and others and shared his experiences and taught it through his teachings.  In the video below Joshua shares about a telephone operator who revised calls she received.  

I recall when I worked as a dispatcher and especially also answering as a call center rep after hours for over 20 years, I would say before answering most calls that I was a love transformer until it did become the most natural way to answer calls.  Many calls I received were of complaints, and by using compassion I found that whoever I was dealing with on the phone would eventually become kinder, and many times would also apologize for being so rude etc...

I did not realize it at the time that in a way it was a sort of revision because I was always trying to find the best solution to the callers problem in the most loving ways.  I also find this still works with others that I encounter or communicate with now, always to be genuine from the heart.

It then so easily transforms through everything we do and with all interactions that always gives the flavor of love, caring and helping in the most wonderful powerful way for others and ourselves.  In one of Neville's lectures he talks about being the most Ideal that we can be, that would also include revision for others as being the most ideal we can be too.

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