Songs to Inspire You

Songs to Inspire you anytime you want to get back into the groove of feeling and seeing your desires already done.  These songs bring up uplifting feelings and put me right on the path of already feeling and seeing my desires already done.  Some songs are new and others just oldies but do the trick for me.

Here is a List of Songs to Inspire You

I Feel Good song reminds me when I am being my True Self the Infinite Self Source Creator that I am ...

This song also reminds me of Being the Source Creator.  Most lyrics may be for some people about another person, but for me it always brings me back to My True Self, the Divine Creator we are truly Are with All our true natural abilities and power.

Of Course this song Higher Love, there sure is the Highest Love and we Know Who It really Is... Our True Self...I would love the lyrics to actually say I found my Highest Love in Myself where it was hiding all the time till we discovered IT.  Just grooving and loving the music beat of it all.

I just love this song When the Going Gets Tough especially watching Kathleen Turner, Danny Divito and Michael Douglas dancing along with it.

I heard the group Oh the Larceny from Joe Dispenza events songs that were played on the Smily Faces video events on youtube.  Every one of the Larceny songs just say it all, so I will only add a couple songs and you can check out their other songs.

30 years ago my partner actually dedicated this song Ahead by a Century to me so it has a special meaning.  From the beginning he always thought I was so weird but in a different way that kept him curious I guess, since we have been together since.

I just had to add this song She Talks to Angels too because I have always communicated with spirits in one way or another.

This song Here I Go Again reminds me whenever I have big desires that are out of the normal, and when we notice the rest of the world really does eventually catch up, but many times we do feel alone except for a few precious friends that are on the same page.  

This song does say so much Born to Be Wild.  It is so funny that many songs my partner will tell me what the song, lyrics are really about, and I just look at him and tell him that my interpretations are always different, and I go with my interpretations and what it means for me.

I love this song These Boots are Made for Walking reminds me of not listening to any negative ego chatter that detours me from my desires being fulfilled, because, I know from enough experiences how often that chatter would mess so much up, until I remind myself to just walk away, in other words ignore, ignore and keep ignoring that chatter.

These two next songs reminds me when going through disorienting changes whenever I seem to expand in consciousness.  Some dark night of the soul experiences when we feel like we are in the dark of uncertainty for awhile and dragging the line of the old chattering programs that still pop up trying to distract us.

So Excited reminds me when I am so focused and living in my wishes already fulfilled.

Celebrating in advance for knowing it is already happening ...

Oh yes  A New Sensation of Love and Bliss and Knowing ...

Love Potion #9 reminds me of what life it like when we discover our true self source same with the song Wonderful World.  

Love this song Something reminds me of discovering our True Self and how everything then flows so magnificently wondrously beautifully from It...

This song Over the Rainbow is the most emotional song for me.  When I would have a couple glasses of wine years ago I would listen to it and then call my parents and sing it to them, and they would know I had a couple glasses of wine.  Both my parents have passed to their new reality world that I do visit them.  But whenever I hear this song or listen to it I always tear up.

As mostly everyone who loves this movie for the meaning behind and through it all, especially the revealing of the wizard.  Also and especially  just as we reveal and discover who we truly are too, as Dorothy always had the power to go back home but did not realize it, or find out until after taking her journey.

This Song Video can Get You into a Great Energy Vibe especially if You Love Christmas Spirit any Day

Share some of your Inspiring Songs

Share some of the songs that get you in the feeling groove and that inspire you. Let us know how it makes you feel and how you interpret the lyrics.

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