Transcending Death

Transcending Death may be a level of reality we not only become to realize  that there really is no death, and never was.  It maybe just another part of a game that we go through until we realized that we are the one that is creating the story along the way through all realities.  This webpage is about contemplating the many possibilities that come to mind about death and transcending death.

Maybe really it is up to us how we are going to accept whatever we want to experience while being consciously aware, maybe even including death or passing on.

To transcend death maybe we must first take a look and contemplate about dreams.  Seth channeled from Jane Roberts continuously pointed to the importance of dreams and how to learn to be in control in our dreams as in lucid dreaming.  Similar to how we remember that we are creating reality in this reality too. 

Transcending Death to Allow Us to Keep Living Without a Boundary 

We create so many unconscious boundaries when we are not consciously aware of what we are doing.  When we become more and more aware of what we are doing and actually continue to remember what we came here to do, which not only with remembering who we really are, and what we are capable of, then we even expand into more remembering.

Remembering that we are eternal beings and that we do show up everywhere all of the time, there seems no way of getting around that big one.  We are always showing up and always living out a story we have created either consciously or unconsciously.

Seth quote, “When one has been born and has died many times, expecting extinction with each death, and when this experience is followed by the realization that existence still continues, then a sense of the divine comedy enters in.”

Comparing Dreams to Reality

Whenever I awake from a dream that seemed so real that I can remember it after I wake up and very vividly,  I can not help but wonder about what if I did not wake up into this reality?  What would happen?  Would I continue living in that dream?  And then when would I wake up from that one?  Could we constantly be switching realities and maybe that is what death really is?

Just like we sit on a sofa and use a remote control to switch channels, is it the same way that our true self is switching realities the same way?  Are we directing our thoughts into a new reality and keep awakening to it with different versions of characters?

Different Versions of Characters

Let us really contemplate here.  Whenever we are dreaming and it is so real when we wake up and we wonder about the family members who were in the dream, and they were so real until we wake up.  Yet in that instant we actually know that those same family members are not doing what they were doing in our dream.  As an example my sons are in my dream and then I wake up and realize that even though it seemed so real, my sons are doing what they are doing in this reality, nothing as in the dream reality.  Why are there more different versions of them?

So what is really going on?  Obviously they are not the same version in my dream, they are different versions in my dreams.  Yet in this reality we think is so real, yet in my dream they were also so real too.  I felt the emotions, all the feelings and thoughts and experiences until I woke up.  Am I waking up into just another dream believing it is the real reality?

What really is Death

Many refer to Death
as Passing On ...
Maybe because it is More in Alignment
with What is Really Going On

Let us contemplate a bit more on all of this.  What if I take a look at my parents death, or as we now refer more lightly and literally to passing on...  Where did they pass on to?  Could it be possible that in their reality they are dreaming or experiencing a reality that all of us that are here missing them are actually different versions.  In their reality did they just die here (fall asleep) and wake up in their own reality where all of our family members, myself included, are still alive in their dream (reality) they are experiencing?

Maybe they have no idea that there was a death, their own death.  They just fell asleep here (what we refer to as death) and woke up in their new reality where all of us family members are living in their reality.  Yet in my reality I think they died, or passed on, and to them they are still alive and well and we, all the family members are alive and well too.  Their versions of us.   But if that was the case then I wonder why my parents are not here, maybe because the collective reality (or myself) still has not expanded to the newer possibilities that they could be here.

What if I fell asleep and woke up to being where my parents are still alive?  In dreams we do it all the time.   Would I then no longer wake up to this reality because I am in another reality?  There is allot we can contemplate about all of this.  Maybe the more we open up into more and more awareness that leads us to many new choices which also leads to being able to consciously go into  different realities (or dreams) consciously aware.  Which many of us already do whenever we visit or go into other realities intentionally or unintentionally.

What if there is No such thing as Death

If there was no such thing as death as so many masters have proclaimed, that it is transcending death to interpreting it in a new way as passing on to another reality.  When we visit others who we refer to as passed on we can visit them by mentally going to the desired reality we could refer to as a awake dream.  Our intention can dial us into their reality.   

Let us contemplate that what if we fall asleep and we constantly awaken to another reality would we actually know the difference unless something was drastically changed.  And that maybe the next level is remembering that there is no death, and we are always shifting realities and death is just another switch in alignment with memories.  That we can stay consciously aware as we have remembered to be in this reality and are then able to be aware in other realities. 

How is it that many yogis or masters have appeared to their disciplines.  And many of us actually mentally visit either through dreams (other realities) our loved ones that passed on.  Did they just pass on to another reality of memories that we are interpreting as death, but we are actually visiting another reality that have different versions even of them?  If it is true that we are always creating stories that we live out then transcending death can just be another story, and it is up to our own self to continue to make up.  

Near death experiences may be just as the referred label is pointing towards, near death, not actual death, just another reality out of the body or not being identified with being so immersed in the body.

There is allot to contemplate about this to open the doors of possibilities that seem forbidden until we remember enough to walk through them.

Seth quote, “You examine the fabric of the existence you have left, and you learn to understand how your experiences were the result of your own thoughts and emotions and how these affected others. Until this examination is through, you are not yet aware of the larger portions of your own identity.”

Seth quote continued “People die when they are ready to die, for reasons that are their own. No person dies without a reason. You are not taught that, however, so people do not recognize their own reasons for dying, and they are not taught to recognize their own reasons for living — because you are told that life itself is an accident in a cosmic game of chance.”

To read more Seth quotes on death through this link.

Then there is also another possibility of physical immortality.

What if Death was Similar to Going
into Another Room

Using the analogy of a house and all the different rooms that are available to go into and use for different purposes, maybe death or passing on is similar. Maybe what we refer to as death is like walking into another room of a house. One room for sleeping, one for watching tv, another as a den, another room that we change our clothes that we are wearing, however in the universal rooms (or realities) instead of changing clothes we change our identities through all these infinite realities, and maybe we are just us slipping and sliding into different universal rooms.

Transcending death could also be seen as changing characters in a game too.  We can log in and out of a game with everything being rendered every time we log back in, all the information is there where we left off.  In a digital game we can also change our characters so easily and become identified as another character within seconds.  Many masters of reality who transcended death and show up to others had to have stayed consciously aware to transcend limited ideas and beliefs to go beyond to be able to see more of the big picture of reality and can see through all the illusions of death, dreams or different realities.  Just as presently we do not walk into another room of our home and forget everything from one room to another room.

There are so many possibilities that come into our awareness when we ponder and contemplate on ideas different than what all the ideas that the collective world still believes presently.  If it is true that it is up to ourselves to make up whatever comes to us to think, then that does give us so many unlimited choices from possibilities.

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