Valuable Power In Our Writing

Valuable power in our writing is something to really contemplate upon because it is our own self who either by default programming, or memories create the VALUE that we give everything.  By valuing something consciously we are actually giving it power too.  Valuing and power goes hand in hand both embedded in each other because whatever we value, we give power automatically to.

What we value is what gives it the importance and priority in our lives.  Valuing things brings with it also appreciating whatever we put value to because it is a loop, valuing something brings with it great appreciation of it, and appreciating anything literally sustains it to continue to appreciate rather than depreciate.

Consciously Picking Ideas that
are Beneficial for Us

If you enjoy writing and can get more into the habit of writing out desires as if they are already fulfilled and creating a great story about it... and also if you have fun and enjoy writing out anything that is of loving value to your life of the true power you really are... then you can create your writing to be not only valuable, but powerful as a technique or tool for reality manifesting.

Many of us bought into so many other peoples beliefs and ideas of how to manifest what we want.  We bought their ideas and continued to believe that it takes time, processes, technique's, rituals and imagining, or using our thoughts and feelings to manifest.  But what if none of that was true? Or that all of that is only reality tools, and we really can pick our own tools we want to use and how to use them.  

As we have heard from many wise masters and teachings that nothing has any built in meaning, everything is neutral.  And we are always using stories and narratives too.  We are either running on default old memories of old worn out meanings, or we are consciously picking now ideas from the unlimited field of endless possibilities, newer to the collective paradigm and owning those higher beneficial ideas.

Do You Enjoy Writing?
You Can Value & Use IT as a
Reality Manifesting Tool

I have so much fun and enjoyment when I spend time writing out on paper with a pen, or typing on the computer my desires and new insights or anything that is of value to me or others that just comes through.  It stirs up lots of enjoyment and fun while writing and watching all that is within me coming out onto physical paper or physical computer. 

As I simultaneously write with pen and paper or on the computer typing, I am enjoying the sensations in my hands, fingers as I am writing or typing.  I also enjoying seeing AUTOMATICALLY what thoughts are coming through and the ability to see it so automatically on paper or onto the computer screen as I am writing.  So the whole process is so enjoyable and uplifting too because it is consistently inspiring myself.

This morning I began to contemplate why I have not given the same value and appreciation to what I write as a manifesting tool.  Just as I gave so much truth and value to other ideas and techniques of imaging, or affirmations and repetition.

Valuable Power in Our Writing

It was another AHA moment that I realized in my story that I can put value into what I am enjoying and having fun doing for hours a day.  I wondered why I did not give even more valuable power to our writing, to my writing, to what I am enjoying and having so much fun doing as I write.  

Just take notice how when we write with pen and paper, or on the computer that whatever we are writing is coming from within ourselves, and out through the medium of the body through our fingertips onto paper or computer IMMEDIATELY.  There is no waiting whatsoever.  It is immediately that as we write we see the physical evidence of what we are writing.

Then I wondered and realized that I can make this more valuable and powerful of a technique than anything else I have used to manifest.  By valuing what is coming out from within me onto a physical paper or computer immediately can be empowered with my valuing it, and that gives it also tremendous power to have whatever I am writing will be manifested as quickly as how I am writing it to see it physically on paper or computer.

Writing can Also Transform Negative Thoughts & Feelings into a Elevated Mood
while Naturally Holding the Focus

Neville Goddard said, catch the mood.  What I have also noticed that when something happens that I do not like and I react feeling angry, frustrated and upset over the experience.  I begin to write, journaling what I am thinking and feeling, and as I am writing I am feeling it through my body acknowledging the feelings without judgment.

As I write, those negative thoughts and feeling begin to transform to elevated thoughts and feelings.  Within a few pages I can not only see the transformation through what I am writing, I can also feel my mood changing too.  My mood, feelings begin to transform to relief, more excitement because as I continue to write new ideas of  possibilities also come through which inspires me and even raises me to more great elevated feelings. 

It is not only so therapeutic while simultaneously unfolding into feeling uplifted and so inspired.  It also keeps my focus upon the new inspiring ideas that came up and then another unfolding of writing transforms.  When I am done writing, I feel so inspired and relieved and sit in the expectation of the most wonderful things I then expect to manifest too.  It is such a win win experience.

Valuable Power in Our Writing can Inspire Us to Be more Consciously Aware

Valuable power in our writing is such a wonderful beautiful fulfilling tool with so many benefits in its power.  So let us again look at all the benefits there is for us as we write.

We are literally (research has proven as you will see in the video below) creating new memories as we write.  Those new memories are the programming that we then will be living from instead of the past memories.

Writing also allows us to feel what we presently feel and transforms any negative feelings into elevated we continue to write  So it changes our mood so naturally as we continue to write what is coming through. 

Writing also allow new unlimited possibilities of ideas to come through.

Writing keeps us in the Present Moment where all the power is, it keeps us focused upon what we are writing and there is no chattering going on to pull us out of what we are doing.  Keeping us Consciously Aware in the moment and continuously unfolding as we write which will continue also after writing because it is so fresh in our mind.

Writing brings us into the no time. I find that 1 or 2 hours of writing seems as though only 5 or 10 minutes passed.  It is literally timeless and keeps our attention in the present moment.

blueish star

My New Story and Technique or
Tool is My Writing

For me this does become more exciting and interesting while I consciously am going to use the idea that whenever I write, which is always so much fun and enjoyable.  Now it will be that whatever I am writing of inspiration and desires fulfilled is also manifesting as I write it out too. 

Just as immediately I write what is going on from my inner is so immediately into the physical, onto paper or computer, is also immediately created into my physical environment of reality too of the desires to be fulfilled.  This also eliminates timing too.  As I am always keeping in mind what Seth said, that the power is in the present and that we are always recreating reality moment to moment.  And that processing or time does not cause change.  Three very profound Seth wisdom that breaks us out of more illusions from the norm.

Now the win win of valuable power in our writing while enjoying what we are writing, and then to now be able to see it manifesting and unfolding really quickly into our physical reality.  How magnificently wonderful that is to be the Conscious Creator of our own reality, and use our power that we have always had and will always have, but now being so consciously aware and using it always for our highest benefits.

Information Comes Many
Times after an Idea

I also find this very interesting that I came up with the idea of valuing what I write as a manifesting tool.  I felt this knowing that it could have very powerful affects and that I can value it just as other reality tools as imagining etc...

I wrote this webpage, valuable power in our writing a week ago, and today just came across this video as I was watching something else, it popped up.  So confirming that when we do have new ideas that reality does confirm it after.  Or are we actually creating it as Seth said every moment or picking up information from the Infinite Source field.  Either way it is so exciting and fun to see confirmation of ideas that came through to us and then see confirmation of it.

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