We Make It Up

We make it up meaning, we make up everything because we give meaning to everything once we are aware and have had enough proof through our own feedback of experimenting experiences. 

Imagine that is what is really going on and we have the authority, the power, the sovereignty to make up whatever we want to be so that it is of our best service for the reality we want to experience.

No Ideas until We are Programmed into Ideas
Others Make Up the Ideas We Take On

When we first come into this plane of existence through what is referred to as birth, which I rather enjoy to view it as when we log in to this reality life game, we seem to have quite a blank slate of memory.  Similar to a new computer until we download information in it. 

We seem to do the same thing through birth, or logging in, we have a blank memory and through our environment download all kinds of information, ideas that become what we believe.  We totally forget that we make it up to play in this highly immersive life game to experience all the adventurous challenges and contrasting experiences. 

We also come in forgetting who we really are, which makes sense if we are going to play a more challenging game, we would want to experience everything that makes it challenging.  It also shows us how powerfully amazing we really are behind these characters and roles we play.  Just to contemplate that we must be so Divinely Confident that we take the plunge into this reality somehow having a deep knowing we will remember throughout the different stages in the game of life.

The Game or Life Becomes Exciting

After remembering who we are and what is going on the game gets very exciting, even if it becomes more challenging.  We begin to accept and invite bigger challenges because we know we can over come and create meanings to everything, we make it up, which in turn changes reality.    

We must admit that the more we remember throughout this reality, the more power we also remember that we are and have available for ourselves to be using.  Especially when we are viewing it from the bigger picture compared to the small limited viewing of not remembering who we are and what is going on.  

Is It a Virtual Reality Game

To the Real Self that we are this reality would literally look like a virtual reality game.  In this game we are so immersed that we allowed us to become so entrenched with the idea that it is real and that everything just happens to us.  Of course until we become aware to realize what is really going on, and then it is much easier, and so clear to see that we are the ones who decided to log in and play the life game.

When viewing it from our True Self all fear would actually dissolve too when realizing that it is the senses that create the experiences to be so real to the character.  It does take viewing it from the higher picture and perceiving it more as a game that we can evolve to higher levels, that creates it to be more playful and fun throughout each day that we are experiencing.

With Sovereignty comes Less Rules

The more sovereign we become, the more we advance to go above the limited rules in the lower parts of the game or life.  We experience exactly that as we watch the feedback we get when we take more and more of our power back and use the awesome reality tools we become aware of to use as our imagination, mind, body etc...

We then also realize from seeing enough proof from experimenting that we do make it up.  The more that we drop all the old ideas we were programmed to believe, and create new ideas from the field of informational possibilities become adventurously challenging and more playfully fun too.

Continued Experimenting with Transforming old Ideas
into New Ideas with Great Benefits

As we continue to experiment with dropping all old ideas that no longer serve us and create new ideas that do serve us as we evolve the game and characters into being and using more power than in the past.  One great example is the medical myths and finding new information that is of great benefit for us as we evolve in the game.  Which leans toward love, more harmony and cooperation compared to fear, feeling threatened, fighting and perceiving everything from such a limited restricted way.

Also advancing towards more immediate manifesting experiences compared to everything taking time which is another lower level restrictive way.  Though it does take quite a bit of practice and accepting and playing with more powerful rules as we make it up.  As we become more sovereign as our own authority, we also become more naturally along the way responding and living from love so naturally in almost everything we live and do.  This gives us much more flexibility with playing with no unlimited rules or ways throughout the game or life.

Making Up that Everything is for the
Good for Ourselves

It is changing everything from being not good for ourselves, or that something is wrong, to being good for ourselves.  That means that nothing is no longer an enemy to ourselves.  No matter what we eat or drink, whatever it is from a neutral slate or memory, everything can be beneficial for the body and transformed into nutritional, no matter what it is.  We get to make it up and we are now making up what is the best for ourselves.

Whatever body symptoms is happening, it can also be just sensations when we truly come from we make it up, and so we trust and know the body is performing perfectly for perfect health.  We can do that with everything now.   It does not matter what any other media or so called authority says when we know we can be our own authority and can make it up to be what we want it to be, and reality will conform to it.  We know that reality responds to what we are, and by being who we are, reality eventually or quickly responds.

This is also living consciously and presently in the supreme power of the present.  Once we are naturally living that way from some practicing, it does become the natural way we continue to live or play in this life game.

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