Who are We Interacting With

Who are we interacting with, I mean really interacting with led me to deeper contemplation about not only the nature of reality, but also who are all these others we are interacting with?  And how does it all work?

Remembering who we really are is the big step to unveiling so many questions and past mysteries when we logged into this physical reality or game of life.  As I have mentioned in many of the webpages, and many teachings have also mentioned it too, that to play in this life game we must forget who we were to be able to play in such challenging adventures to get to the level or point in remembering, that we are the One Source and realizing who we are interacting with.

Even if the character or personality part of ourselves has a challenge with that realization, the real self knows and eventually the personality then accepts it, eventually merges and then lives from that real self as the guiding force through this game, and all games or dimensions.  

You must Be Ready to Get to the
Point in Remembering
Who are We Interacting With?

Self Realizing who we are seems to be the first part in remembering, and then for most of us it takes some time to really absorb that realization of that remembering.  Especially if remembering is leaked over to the character (or ego) part of ourselves.  So many times there is allot of letting go of, or undoing once we literally experience the infinite one source being we are.

In this life linear game it is a journey or process we go through bit by bit to unravel our true identity and then let it marinate more and more for all the veils to be dissolved.  Stepping more and more into our Real Self and all the enormous power we really are, and using it as the most Divine Self in this life game.  For me the question of who are we interacting with led me to researching to understanding more about memories.

Memories Seem to be a Key to Unveiling more of Who are We interacting With

Through long perpetual contemplation upon the Power of Now and even trying to comprehend how everything is occurring simultaneously, versus linear time took on a very deep interest.  Remembering what Seth said that matter is simultaneous and instantaneous and that we are recreating every moment. 

Though I resonated with it and I understood it intellectually, and even had many experiences of how powerful some focusing or wishes did change in a moment, it still took and is still taking some time to really process it to see it functioning in the now.  Mostly from being still so immersed in reality as we still do have to get in a vehicle to get to where we want to go, or walk etc...  it really does seem so much of or in this life game or reality we still do so much of the game or earths way.

In the video below Bashar says that knowing it intellectually is a excuse that we do not want to understand more about that nature of reality.  I however, find it to be more of the fear and slowly accepting of the understanding of it, than a cop out or excuse, it is more of processing it a bit more to being more comfortable with and accepting it. 

Programs, Conditioning, Beliefs, Dreams
can Be Lumped into One Definition labeled Memories

When we or others refer to programs or conditioning, Beliefs, or even dreams and perception, it seems to me that it is all the same thing they are referring to as memories.  Just as anything else, names or labeling of things that are the same but having different naming so that we can use as references through this game or dimensional reality.  In the video below Robert Smith speaks about memories in a very profound way. 

Memories hold a Key to Noticing Who We are Interacting With at any Time

Just contemplate upon anyone that you encounter of a friend, or family member, or partner?  Others you have interacted with allot, perpetually.  Whenever you see or speak to them, if we are not consciously aware, we will be interacting with them from memories. 

How many of us actually interact with others with a clean slate?  With no memories where the engaging with them is clear, clean of just interacting with them as a Divine Being, seeing through the camouflage of personality. 

Referring to the video above in the understanding that every time we revisit a memory it changes dependent upon our attitude and feelings at the time of revisiting a memory.  Wow!  That is so profound to really contemplate upon when we are noticing who we are really interacting with?  It seems we are always really interacting with our own self.  That is so profound to understand.  

In Dreams Who are We Interacting With is
Another Profound Key 

We all can contemplate upon waking up from a dream in which many of our family members were involved, and then realizing that those same family members are actually doing their own thing somewhere else than in our dream.  So which version in the dream were we interacting with?  This contemplating also led me to questioning more about who are we really interacting with?

As most of us on the path and who is still reading this webpage, we want to dig deeper into the remembering of so much that we had to forget when we logged into, or rebirthed into, or even walk into (as in walk ins) to this life game or dimensional reality.

The Oneness of It All ...
The Idea of Changing Others

Self Realization, realizing who we really are shows us there is no other and all others are just fragments of the One Source of It All, or what Seth referred to as All That Is... And Seth also explains allot about how different fragments, or individually we branch out to more versions of ourselves.

Let us revisit Neville Goddard who seems to be the master of changing the version of ourselves or others.  Most of us have been conditioned or programmed to believe that we cannot change others. That is a major big programmed memory to be living from if this is not the truth.  It really does change everything in how we not only interact, but who we are interacting with?  

Not only Neville Goddard but also anyone who has followed and lived from his teachings, including myself, has experienced experimenting with this and seen enough proof it may be true since we experienced the change when we envision or wish for the changes we prefer in others.  Yet do we do it with everyone?  

I know for myself, I do forget to do this all the time.  I do it periodically when I remember to do it.  But imagine doing it for every single person we encounter all the time and also with every situation too?  We would become to do what Neville Goddard did all the time with everyone, and seen the proof which led him to do it all the time with all others.  To see all others how themselves would prefer to be as, and as we would in the most divine loving ways prefer for them, and our selves too.

In the video below Neville Goddard gives an example of everyone is ourselves pushed out, or who are we interacting with.

Fun Holodeck Episodes from Star Trek

By watching the different holodeck episodes from Star Trek we can intermingle with so much of what allot of the similarities may be in reality.

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