activating immortal gene and deactivating death gene

what are the steps to deactivating the death gene? And what are the steps to activating the immortal gene? please explain in detail. thank you.

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Physical Immortality
by: Anna

Hi Vanessa,
My suggestion is to start with reading Leonard Orr's book, Breaking the Death Habit. It's a great introduction and explanation about the death urge habit. I found that realizing we had a death urge habit was quite an awakening to begin with, which also allows and expands our infinite intuition and newer insights to surface too.

Though there are only a few sites on physical immortality, just reading through some of them is also a great opener in researching more on physical immortality and expanding your consciousness about it.

In the beginning of my realization about physical immortality I began verbally saying more often "physical immortality" and became so naturally comfortable with it compared to death. I also noticed a change in my perception and understanding whenever in conversations or hearing anything about death, my reactions and responses were different than in the past. I would pause and contemplate continually until it became to make more sense when no longer giving death an option.

Also letting go of old past ideas, beliefs and conditionings become easier to let go of because you'll become to realize that they no longer serve the new path of physical immortality.

In conclusion my suggestion is...
1. Research and read all you can about physical immortality
2. Write or contemplate how your life would be different when you no longer have death as a option by replacing physical immortality as your new choice. It's amazing the freedom, peace and not having to rush about doing things as previously with the death belief.
3. Verbally say physical immortality throughout your day to yourself unless you have others who resonate that you could discuss it with.
4. When past old ideas or beliefs surface, don't deny them, contemplate them and let them go when it's comfortable to do so.

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