Activation disguised as panic disorder

by Bristol S.
(Austin, tx )

I am 24 years old and about a month ago I though I was having a heart attack. My boyfriend rushed me to the ER only to wait 4 hours and they found nothing was wrong with me. They gave me Valium. I then fly the attacks almost as intense over the next couple weeks.

I got off the Valium and chose to focus on meditation and guided relaxation. I did well with expressing my emotions by painting, etc. which helped tremendously. I feel tingles in my hands and feet, sometimes in my arms legs and chest. I have tight chest a lot of the time.

Waking from violent dreams, insomnia, and completely detached from my friends etc. I am only close to my son and my boyfriend really. Sometimes I wake up not being able to calm my heart rate...some days I was up felng detached from reality, and others I wake feeling normal.

This is all so scary and came on kind of our of nowhere. My fight or flight tells me to fight. That usually ends in a full on panic attack. Some days I feel anxious and I cry all day, I feel the heartbreak sensation heavily n my chest. I want to lean to let go of all Ths and let my spirit do what it needs to but I get so frightened that I fight it with everything in me. Please advice is more than welcome.

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Pharmaceutical System and Medication
by: Anna

Hi again Bristol,
Just as I have let Lynnette know, I also wanted to also let you know just in case you weren't familiar with it. I added it on the "Symptoms of Change, it's the 3rd video, he explains about how the pharmaceutical system started, and how our body already have these proteins to heal naturally.
Cheery Blessings,

Love Yourself Uncontitionally melts away Fears
by: Anna

You are so welcome, Bristol,
from all my experiences the first most essential guidance I can offer is to work consistently on loving yourself unconditionally. Accepting YOU as you are right now and continue to love yourself. Whatever it takes to do it. If any negative stuff comes up, embrace it for the helpfulness it served to get you to this stage.

Also be true to yourself and listen to the soft loving intuitive guidance. Staying in peak awareness to be noticing if and when you fall into the ego or back story of old running beliefs or programs. When you do notice it, stop and affirm your affirmations with feelings.

Affirmations always helps by repeating throughout the day in the present tense "I am infinite love I am a divine being, I love myself and stay true to myself, I am deserving of the best. Especially effective to affirm when fear comes up. Once you are comfortable with the I Am's, you can start intervening "I have always been love" and so on, fill in the blanks.

To add more effectiveness and empowerment, do some of the affirmations in a mirror while looking into your own eyes. You can even put both hands on your heart area too. Once you begin to feel your heart expanding, as it will more and more, so much old stuff of fear will begin to evaporate. You will start to experience more love and bliss.

Start you day with the affirmations and also watch at least one or two inspiring videos. There are so many, you can start with some on the "daily power boosters page", just click the left navbar to get to the page. And from the Self Love Page too.

You are already divine, as we all are, we're awakening to realize to know it. As you are doing and did by using your own power by choosing to listen to yourself over authority. Eventually you really do become to love, trust and be your own authority, it will become even more trusting and natural. You will notice so much judgments also fall away.

Just by doing these things, and if you do it daily and consistently, within a month you will already notice major changes. You will be activating more strands of light DNA. By continually doing all of it, so much will enfold to flow into place.

Always remember that we are here for you for any questions or anything, and definitely we'd love to hear your experiences throughout doing this too.
Infinite Blessings Anna

Thanks Anna
by: Bristol

I thank you for taking the time to write this back to me! Do you have any suggestions as to help with activation? Videos, guided meditation videos, books, acupuncture, chakra alignment? Ill try anything to let go and start becoming open to all this. I want to view it as a good thing not a frightening one

Unknown Becoming Known, Transforming Fear to Love
by: Anna

Hi Bristol,
so glad that you submitted your experiences, especially glad to hear that you stop taking the Valium and turned to meditation. Which means you listen to higher guidance. Exactly what you experienced, I also experienced over 25 years ago, exactly, and I also went of the valium too. Since that time I have not taken any medication.

When we experience enough of our own self healing with our focused thoughts, dependency of medication and medical advice becomes no longer even a issue. Because we become to trust and know ourselves more than any other who is still functioning from lower consciousness.

You say this all came out of nowhere? It sounds like deeper, inwardly you must of subconsciously desired changes. That is usually what occurs if we are not aware of how the evolving process starts.

That you choose to meditate shows that you're already in tune with higher consciousness and in awakening stages. All of these symptoms, tingling in your hands, arms, actually anywhere in your body is because of your energy in your body cells ect are transforming of higher frequencies.

The panic is a result of many of the old beliefs breaking down and will dissolve as the newer greater potential ones are rebuilding. This is the reason our body goes through these types of symptoms. Your brain is connecting more with you heart, and your whole body system, nervous system is going through a great change.

The violent dreams is another great sign. You are working out left over residue from what you're going through during the day. So you are releasing lots of old toxic energy through the dreams and the symptoms you are experiencing. It is a detoxification process, sometimes I have even experienced shaking from it too.

The detachment of social activity is also normal because as we're changing inside that becomes outer. Many of us need this detached alone time to really get to know our true selves that's been hidden under all the toxic conditioning of our past. So without interference from others who are not on this enlightenment path, we spend more time with ourselves. Eventually everything will align into socialness when you are ready, and your new foundation of being true to yourself is stable enough where you no longer alter from your self.

Also the crying is a great release, do let it all out, that's another part of releasing old past traumas. Breathe through it and let it all go. You may go through many times of this type of releasing too through different stages.

Eventually we become to let go of old past that no longer severs us the way it did before. Which leads to becoming more comfortable as we begin to love, honor and trust ourself, so that unconditional pure love will then radiate outwardly.

Part 2 continued in other comment part.

Continued Unknown to Known Activation and Panic
by: Anna

abnormal heartbeats or palpitations is also symptoms many of us go through because through the process our heart is changing to be able to accept the higher consciousness thoughts/ feelings. Unconditional love will eventually become so natural as a result, along with long blissful experiences too. So there's the most greatest and fabulous rewards to all of this we go through.

The scary feelings are also normal because of the fear of the unknown of what you are going through. This also causes allot of the symptoms to feel magnified until you become to know what's going on, the unknown becomes known. Which is so fantastic that you wrote to us about it. Because the medical system has no idea about this yet, they are still working from the old system.

The fighting feeling and reacting is because of being in fear of the unknown of what you are going through. You are trying to protect yourself because of the fears, in defense of the unknown. Allow higher guidance to come through.

Once you realize it's part of an expanding growing process of spirit/higher consciousness being integrated into your body. And embrace and actually love the symptoms for the process you are going through and what you learn from it all, it does transform your fears to love. And that literally changes everything to become more comfortable with the process. Especially knowing the great benefits you will experience after your body subsides through the changes.
Infinite Love Blessings,

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