Activation Experience with questions

by lynne

It really started in 2011.

I experienced five straight years of emotional trauma and loss. In 2011, I was in a relationship for the first time in years and it ended when I found out that he was cheating. I became depressed and couldn't eat anything but walnuts.

Prior to that, for years I would wake up at 2-3 a.m. almost daily. I still have issues sleeping.

Spring of 2012, I started taking powdered grasses and more nuts more than I ate food...this is still true. Started doing yoga during the summer; mainly heart openers. I never knew or believed in chakras, but I saw them for the first time around December 18 or 19, 1012.

A couple of months ago, I spontaneously did a "still breath" and felt my soul. Before that I was up all night with an terrible headache that made me vomit for hours.

Started meditating a month or so ago, I never thought that I could/would do it. It wasn't guided, I just prayed, laid on the floor and let go. I started seeing lights some bright and some faint, but they all have movement. Last night, I saw eyes and light.

A few weeks ago, my vibe was so high that I ate low vibe food. Unfortunately, when this happened, the beautiful shards of golden light that I would sometimes see out of the corner of my right eye stopped; hope it comes back.

I've been somewhat of a hermit now for many months. I don't talk on the phone much nor do I go out much anymore.

I've been out of work for four years. One day I heard a voice say that I won't be going back to work. This concerns me as I don't know if it was me or the Holy Spirit.

I'm also concerned that I spend most of my day on the internet trying to get more spiritual knowledge. IS THIS NORMAL? IT'S BECOME AN OBSESSION.

Are the years of trouble sleeping normal? I have hyperenergy at times, but other times I'm in a not completely awake state.

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The Conflict will Pass
by: Anna

Your so welcome Lynne. I empathize with you, as I went through allot of conflict when breaking through old beliefs I had in the past regarding religion, gov't and reality.

So many things I was originally taught lost all their value once learning and then experiencing new knowledge. And the depression seems to be a process as we change because when old beliefs are confronted and start losing their value, it's similar to a loss, until the new wisdom is accepted.

It resonating from your heart is always a great sign you're on the right path. It then gets more and more exciting, as you've begun to experience with seeing aura's and light beings ect, and the depression get less and less.

The books you have mentioned I also resonated with, though I haven't read the Emerald Tablets of Thoth yet, I look forward to checking it out.

Thank You Both
by: lynne

Thank you both for you posts. It's always good to know that others are having the same type of experiences.

Sorry that it took so long to reply. All week I've been going through low vibrations/depression.

The other day I read a wonderful piece of work, Emerald Tablets of Thoth. It was a wonderful book that I couldn't stop reading. It reminded me of the Book of Enoch. It really resonated with me.

With that said, I'm Christian and I'm having some sort of conflict. I have read some of the Aporypha, Dead Sea Scrolls, Essene Teachings.

In my heart, the Book of Thoth ring true, but I can't get over the conflict in what I've been taught.

Hi Lynne
by: Shelsey

I had been thinking about your post for a few days now. I was not able to post a response when I first saw it. Anna has totally broke it down. She is right on point!! I can relate to a lot of the things you have experienced and mentioned. The headache (felt more like a surgery bringing both brain hemispheres together...ouch!!) as well as falling into a routine or craving for flax seeds, avocado, grilled onions and roasted garlic cloves - sounds weird I'm sure but taste soooo good!

Around the time of the headache experience which I believe was in March 2013, that's when this constant craving began, everyday..throughout the day. I'm glad you made your way here and look forward to reading more about your evolving (into who you really are) :)

Feel free to connect with me here or on facebook under the name cinnyme.

May you be blessed in light always,

Many Sync's as I read your Experiences
by: Anna

Hi Lynne,
Thanks so much for sharing your experiences.
Yes it sure does sound as activation has not only began with you, but also your experiences show that you have raised your consciousness higher. Tuning into what's usually invisible, as seeing the lights are higher entities, which you may eventually see the lights form into actually beings. They also communicate telepathically.

I have been out of normal work for over six years, and also had that knowing that I wouldn't be going back to any type of normal way of earning a paycheck. Through evolving our consciousness and having out of the ordinary experiences, we then start contemplating new easier and more effortlessly ways of what I refer to as infinite careers. Creating money in newer ways than in the past.

Eating little is another sign of activation as we become lighter literally, filled with more light, the need to eat as in the past changes for many of us too. I know it has for me. You become your own authority, letting go of what old conditioning was believed in the past. We just eat what resonates with ourselves. As our body changes so does our food intake, it becomes less and less. Because we are filled with more nutrients of light.

Having trouble with sleeping, seems to be another part of the changes too, as our DNA changes with new activation of new DNA. Our body does not need as much sleep as in the past, and interrupted sleep patterns also has benefits as we are changing.

Same things with experiencing hyper energy and then trance like states of not feeling totally awake. Many of us also experience this as we go through different stages because our brain and body is readjusting to so much new information and new experiences.

The thirst for knowledge that you mention becomes an obsession is also normal too. We are learning, growing, expanding into higher consciousness, and seeking out the knowledge of information continuously is always a great sign. Same as being less social and more of a hermit, especially in the beginning stages, which can last years. As we are becoming more intimate and fine tuned with higher consciousness, we are not drawn to social consciousness because there's so much resistance to who we are becoming.

In later stages of enlightenment or more activation, even that changes as you will experience more of a reflection in social interactions. More interactions that reflect you compared to resist the knowledge and wisdom that we become.

There's so much more for us to expand and experience that will be new for us, while it becomes more exciting, as your body becomes more familiar with the newer activation. Glad your here Lynne to share it with us.
Love and Light,

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