alcoholics annoomous

by lynda

a kindred spirit
roy are you
alan watts
i miss him to
sorry we lost him
to the booze
his wise words
will live on
youtube videos
ra ra ra

with the tao i did connect
what he meant
to project
meditation all we
pity he did not take heed,
allan watts, a fine gent
party down in heaven spent,
someday soon we can share some wine
in a cloud, the tao sublime
i will listen to your words
content as a cow,

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your poem
by: roy k austin

sorry but i did not see your comment.or your poem!
if you take out 2nd 'n ' and insert it the other side of first ' o ' we might have anon, then if we insert ' y ' we will have anony- then we can bung the ' mous ' on the end and have what?? unless you intended what you wrote? yes i agree- i love watts's
mind- a genius and entertainer who makes us look at what we really are- the sages would not disagree with him and he did meet many of them including j krishnamurti. thank you for the poem..warmest roy.

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