Alex Chick

I have been doing DNA activation for just over a week now and my vision is weird where things look like they are moving but they are not. I also feel like I have a really bad hangover 24/7 and I havent even had alcohol. My stomach feels very acid and my breath is very shallow compared to my normal diaphragmatic breathing. Oh a good thing I'm feeling is heightemed emotions and if I hear the word love or read it or think it, my whole body goes into instant euphoric bliss

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Processing Changes
by: Anna

Hi Alex,
You will find the symptoms you are experiencing will subside, then you may experience that your vision will be really clear, and your breathing gets better and even deeper too, same with that hangover feeling will dissolve.

As you continue your body will readjust to the changes you are processing. It’s also fantastic that you are also experiencing the great benefits of the euphoric bliss. Which becomes one of the many inspirations that keeps us continuing the processes of DNA activation in expanding consciousness.

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