all around body numbing/psychic amnesia

by B

If anyone knows of why it is that when I wake up from sleep, sometimes I wake up coughing (the alert somethings wrong) and then realize I feel numb all over, trying to breathe???

For a year I woke up that way, 3-4 times a week and be so numb I couldn't walk or barely move my arms till I calmed down and literally smacked myself in the face a few times to provoke feeling so I could focus on that feeling so I knew I was going to be ok.

I'm assuming it has to do with psychic amnesia somehow. I've even had it so bad that I woke up hearing myself go, "who's room is this...who's house is this..."who's cat is that...there's two of them???"...then craved a cigarette, then panic set it right before I could ask myself who the heck I was. Then I cried that I could ever not know who my cats were and that it was a terrible feeling that I had np place of my own to call home. (I live where I work. I have no home to go to, or family.)

I just absolutely hate it, the doctor even gave me muscle relaxers and antidepressants cause he thinks I'm having PTSD from traumatic events and from working too much. He's probably right....(no I didnt tell him about the amnesia part....its only happened 3 times over a year, i tried taken the pills he gave me but they made it worse.

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Disorientation and Letting Go of Fear
by: Anna

Hi Bridget,
thanks for sharing your experience. It may be fears that are creating the symptoms, and also disorientation is occurring being in one dimension to another. Firstly, it's a great feedback because you get to see what fears are still in your cellular memory to surface so that you can let them go.

The best way to resolve it is by becoming more aware of what's going on, which is what you are doing by questioning to understand more about the experiences. Letting go of fear, along with continuing to affirm to yourself, as you did, will quiet the fear and be replaced with knowing you are always safe through any experience.

When we are in altered states, different dimensions, and in dreams, sometimes it does take some time for the mind to click in to remind us of the original reality and identity we come back into. The best thing is to not panic, and know you are in control when you keep your attention focused without the fear, and knowing you are always safe.

by: Anonymous

I appreciate the timely reply on this. It can be frustrating at times when dealing with these experiences. It was more affirming when you responded to what was occurring too.

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