Am I having an experience?

by Michele

Hello, for almost 2 years I have been concentrating on activating my DNA. I listen to all 9 solfeggio frequencies, started using fluoride free toothpaste, quit smoking cold turkey, stopped drinking soda cold turkey, try not to drink water with fluoride, still working on the sugar and caffeine part but making progress, not so interested in red meat any more, or any other meat, but still consume it because it's what's available to me (which does not make me happy).

The things that I have experienced are constant eye twitches in both eyes and random muscle spasms, twitching of my third eye, seeing lights from the corners of my eyes, at times when I am in nature I have to make sure I'm not seeing things because a grid like surface appears on the ground.

I've been having a lot of dreams with tall pale people in them always instructing me or telling me to pay attention to something I am being shown. I've climbed golden ropes and seen gold flag like material hovering over me. I feel detached yet emotional.

I'm not sure what it is I am going through, but I trust the process. Can anyone tell me if I have just finally snapped or is the process I am trusting is really there? Thank you very much for your time :) much gratitude and appreciation for you and to you all.

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Dna Changing Experiences
by: Anna

Hi Michele,
yes the symptoms your are experiencing are similar to what many of us have experienced too, and it usually continues off and on until your system adjusts to the changes. You are so right on to trust the process.

Through these stages it can seem so foreign at first because old belief systems are being challenged to be released while upgraded with new information, especially if you are just beginning to trust yourself and your own body.

The more you reassure yourself through these experiences you gain more trust and self-confidence, which is a big part of the awakening process to be able to practice and master control of our own body.
I hope this helps,
Love and Light, Anna

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