Anxiety ?

by Briana

Hey , my names Briana & im 17 I wanna say I started my DNA activation a few years back and my symptoms are similar except I have like a serious anxiety problem. I feel as if someones coming to scare me or take me or something I have to remind myself that its the earth or I panic. I've been starting to work with it by holding my crystals & I will meditate more I have to remind myself that i'm not alone.

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Knowing you are not Alone
by: Anna

That’s fantastic Briana, and a big step that you are doing in continuing to remind yourself that you are not alone because those kinds of reminders are so needed and important when going through different stages of change and ascension. When I went through similar feelings, I found it to be just old programming and beliefs that we continue to put attention on, which of course then magnifies.

It may also be part of the fear residue getting stronger because different changes are progressing as your body is adapting. And this is a powerful opportunity for you, and this is the reason it’s most important to continue to remind yourself to keep focusing more on love and peaceful thoughts and feelings especially when these thoughts and feelings of fear try to overtake you.

Remind yourself that you do have the choice of where you keep putting your attention, either in more fear or love. And it may take some practice, but once you override the anxiety with your own focusing, it will change. Also working on unconditional self love either by daily affirmations or just deliberate self talk works in amazing ways too.

You are never alone. Right this minute now that you are reading this, realize that there are so many other individuals also going through similar things. And we all our sharing our experiences which means we are also sharing our compassion and love too. Though we are not physically together, we are in infinite dimensional ways. Not only us who share our experiences, those who just choose to read about them are also connecting in an energetic way too.

You also have higher guides that are always there whenever you call upon them and they are the most unconditionally loving beings that will comfort you too. If you have not experienced them yet, sit relaxed and tune into their presence so you can.

If you continue to meditate, and use your crystals while continuously reminding yourself that you are loved and never alone, you will experience love melting away those fears. Whenever those fear thoughts or feelings of panic, anxiety or aloneness starts to surface, imagine that you are now a bright light that is also connected to many other loving caring beings, and continue to imagine that bright light shining and putting out all that darkness of fear.

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