Are some of us here from other stars or planets?

by julie

Are some of us here from other stars or planets solely to assist all lifeforms on earth,to assend, including earth herself? And are they known as Earth Angels? If this is true, is there a way to know if you are one? Thanks.

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Infinite Beings
by: Anna

Hi Julie, great question.
I feel it’s all dependent on our own unique filters of perception. Everyone has layers of beliefs from conditioning filters of religion or different cultural labels in reffering to guides, or angels. I myself refer to them as infinite beings, and we can connect to them through our higher or infinite self, meaning without our ego personality getting in the way of the communication and guidance.

So it’s more of preferences what we call these higher beings. Yes they have always been around and are always helping and guiding where help is needed and asked for, and especially through the ascension processes. Anyone who is working and growing in love's evolution to raise consciousness not only helps themselves, they are also helping by expanding the energy collectively as a unified oneness of infinite consciousness.

I also feel that everyone really is from other dimensions before we birth here, and many higher beings who don’t incarnate into a body are from other dimensions that still are invisible to many. Until we expand our perception to see them, or feel them, and sometimes subconsciously people instantaneously do see them in some form, again depending on their own filters of perception. So other lifeforms and planets can also be referred to as other and different dimensions of reality, there are infinite dimensional planes of existence.

Any beings that we do connect or encounter is also dependent on our own overall vibrational frequencies. This inspires us to aligned in love's vibration of higher consciousness, while we continue to transform our ego personality. As that continues to raise our overall frequencies. I hope this helped answer your question.
Thanks Anna

by: julie

Thanks, Anna. I do believe along those same lines like you said. I'm starting to realize that I may be one of those who have lived elsewhere before coming here to earth. There is just so much out there to discover. It is a very exciting time to be here. I'm so happy I was lead to this website. I really enjoy meeting other people who are willing to expand their minds and thoughts. Not being afraid is the first step. Thanks again. Julie.

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