astral projection? dreaming to different dimmensions?

by Brandon Montel
(hillsboro, oregon, usa)

So I noticed a lot growing up that I would have this overwhelming anxiety or feeling of fear something right before dreaming occasionally and I would always be afraid of whats on the other side of that feeling. But recently I pushed through that feeling and felt like I wound up in a different dimension of my room slightly different than my own three times right in a row of waking up and falling back asleep. Then I pushed through again recently into what felt like astral projection maybe? I have never astral projected that i can recall so i dont know what to think.

I was walking down my stairs and around my house and I felt very uneasy so i woke up. I tried to go back to sleep and had that "feeling" again but I decided to wake up. I dont have a general question but was wondering if you have ever experienced this sensation or heard stories? I'm very curious what it means. shoot me an email maybe? I dont know how I'd get your answer otherwsie. thank you for reading this and responding if you do. good vibes to you.

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Out Of Body
by: Anna

Hi Brandon,
it's great that you moved past your fear, as it's always fear that prevents advancing our extra abilities. Yes it does sound like you were out of body, and your room will look different compared to your normal perception when in your body. At first it seems uncomfortable, but eventually you'll be able to travel to different dimensional realities too. It's absolute proof that we are more than just our physical body. We do the same thing whenever we are asleep and dreaming, OOB is being consciously aware.

This article will give you more specifics about it.

Also Robert Monroe's books or videos are an excellent source of information too.

Thanks for sharing your experience,
Infinitely Anna

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