Bad Vertigo

by Tristen Hallam
(Modesto, Ca)

Ever since Spring of my Sophmore year of High School,
I have had an intense Vertigo. I say "intense vertigo" because I have it almost 24/7. Until i read this article I never suspected that the vertigo could result from the DNA activation process. Since my sophmore year (I'm cuttently a senior)

I've been to the doctors many times with no success. Since I can always "pop" my ears, we figured there was a pressure build up behind my ear drum. Eventually, we went as far as putting tubes in my ears. Even after a few months with the tubes, i found little change. Luckily, I came across this article and I'm thankful for that. Other than my vertigo problem, I have also had other sypmtoms like high pitch ringing, headaches, and a few more common symptoms.

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The Best is in the Process
by: Anna

Hi Tristen,
so glad that you are now able to know what's been going on, because just that understanding of knowledge, is what also allows so much of it to calm down too. To realize that our brain, body and mind is going through so many changes, helps to relax into trusting. And it eventually will all pass, and get better than ever. That's my experience, and many others have also experienced too.

Though I've mentioned this allot, because it's always a great reminder to get into a relaxed state. Keeping yourself in the most relaxed state, and deep long relaxing breaths is a great way to become relaxed. Along with less and less engaging in the chattering ego mind of old programming. Because it always pops in to keep the fear of out of control feeling of the symptoms perpetuating.

Infinite cheers, blessings, and better than normal experiences soon.
Love blessings, Anna

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