begadazelled - benjalicious- gadilleous


begadazelled - benjalicious- gadilleous

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Love Your Words
by: Anna

Wow when I say all 3 verbally out loud it really gives my brain and mouth a good workout. Our brain and body always benefits from these types of creative newness. Would love to know what your description were when you created them as an expression?

Begadazelled when I say it comes up for me as as big desire, benjalicious is then experiencing the desire manifested and gadilleous triggers an impulse of smiling, and on to the next manifestation to experience.

Anyone else want to share what these new words brings up as a descriptive expression for you?

These words were made from these visuals
by: Anonymous

Begadazelled came from the visual, emotional and excitment of seeing my Family all 13 of us which includes my 7 grand-children dancing and having fun surrounded by sounds of laughter and great vibrations.

Benjalicious was a visual of all 13 of us at a Villa in the South of France, around a pool chatting about the wonderful day we just had and what great things we would be doing together tomorrow.

Gadilleous was a visual of my whole Family and extended families around a table in a wonderful atmosphere, candles, with light reflecting off the crystals around the room, we are all full of love and happiness, the atmosphere is magical even the food is filled with the vibrations of wonderment. Heaven on Earth

Beautifully Heartfelt
by: Anna

So heart warming in reading your experiences of the expression of your creative infinite words. Thanks so much Donna for sharing your description.

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