by paulina
(denver, co)

I experienced bliss for a week and a half and then the feeling went away. i seem to be more relaxed now. have a greater understanding of things and don't expect as much but i seem to have lost the ease. will it return? how can i coax it back?

Hi Paulina,
this is so normal when first experiencing bliss periodically because the brain and body system still has conditioning to reacting the old way.

I found in the beginning it did take awareness and practice to bring myself back into the bliss state. It's great because you are now aware and know how it felt for a week, that memory of it is like a seed that will bloom more as you deliberately bring yourself into the bliss state and be in it longer and longer. Eventually bliss will become an automatic trigger and override the old reactional emotions.

Deliberately focusing on what excites you and follow those cues as guidance to keep following what is most exciting to focus upon and even take action on.

Whenever negativity surfaces, stop and transform the negativity into love from your heart instead of just your head thoughts. Use negativity as a opportunity to transform it, eventually this becomes fun too.

By doing this consistently daily eventually the state of bliss will become more natural to be in as the old way becomes less and less. Also reminding yourself that bliss is a natural state and guidance from your infinite self and is also transforming ego personality too through the process.

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thank you!
by: Paulina

Hi Anna,

It moved me to tears that you responded! :)

I understand what you suggest. I do most of these things on a daily basis. I am encouraged by your suggestion that conitnuing with these practices will bring me back to that light, airy, floating feeling I sensed before.

Thank you so much!

Much love, Paulina

by: Anna

You are so welcome Paulina, and since you are already doing the work every day, bliss will eventually become to be your natural state. Repetition is the key. When we don't let giving up be an option, desires fulfilled become the experiences.
Love and Bliss, Anna

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