by Bobbie
(San Antonio, TX, USA)

I noticed that when I strongly desire something or someone, but then I forget about it or that individual, it shows up within a month. However, if I desire something, and then dwell on my expectations, then it doesn't show up.

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by: John of England

Hi i am so pleased that i clicked on to this site,i have been the master of syncro creation for a long time here is one little example for you all to smile at,it will raise your vibe,your feelings and maybe add the ingredient,of fun in the process of creating,,,the universe loves a laugh,,it brings us into union with pure we go

I'm having a pint one night in a pub in a place i love,by the sea, sea shanties (songs) fill the air,and i'm loving it, when i get a call my cousin wants to go fishing. Where do your think we should go,i said he replied Walton,funny that's where i am now i said.the pier is closed for repair i told him.Then i called out in the pub is the pier still shut .no came the reply its just reopened.another cousin would be joining us for fishing,that was great news i told them the pier is good.i left got my gear and joined them,they were camping,we laughed and chatted until 0400 in the morning. Then went fishing all the time i kept saying we will get COD. They laughed,saying oh ye... We got to the pier,cod are on there way i said,in the face of cheerful ridicule....

1 hour passed and nothing,2 hours passed and nothing,,then i got a bite thinking to myself that i really wanted one of my cousins to get the fish,the bite came to nothing.THEY LAUGHED... we are getting cod i said over and over,amidst the laughter..we left the pier SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR MUMBO CRAP...we were laughing our heads off.Just because we have not got cod, don't mean we wont,i said we are getting cod.

All things are happening at the same time,you think because we are no longer fishing that the cod has not showed up,well we are getting cod..we all went our separate ways,not a codless thought entered my mind,that night i was in another pub when i got another call from my cousin..he sounded quiet and talked very slowly..i said you got something to tell me,i knew it was good .do on tell me.

Well he said you wont believe this, but someone has left a 7llb COD on my doorstep,head and all fresh from the sea..I punched the air and was shouting YES YES YES..people looked at me like i had won the lottery i was elated,filled with joy and passion,and energy. Why don't you come over and i will cook us fish and chips,free fish,and chips from potatoes out of the garden...on my way i said i decided i would get a bottle of wine to go with the meal (THE free meal)

I had just enough change to get the wine,i left the shop, still feeling fantastic.. before on the ground was 5 quid that paid for the fish free chips now free the flow big time. as it transpired a neighbors son had been fishing,caught the cod,did not want it,gave it to his mum who did not like the look of the fish with its head and all,so knowing my cousin was a fisherman ,brought it to him....

it found its way to where it was meant to be because i kept the faith even when logic,was saying all around me the opposite. My cousin was blown away,

Great Sync Manifesto
by: Anna

Hi John, your story did put a smile on my face when I read it. I love your great reminder that you wrote, 'keep the faith even when logic was saying the opposite'

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