Bodily symptoms

by Mimi
(New York, NY, USA)

Since entering 2018, I’ve been going thru a lot of bodily clearing. I started the year with the flu and had it twice. Then since March, I keep getting these aches and pains especially in the upper body area. I also get chills and sensitivity to my upper arms. On and off pain in the shoulders, neck, back, back of my ears, and today I’m feeling them inside my ears. My throat has felt odd. It’s not sore just an odd sensation.

I don’t feel like eating very much and always tired. I’ve often had the ringing in my ears and they’ve come back again. A lot of sleep interuptus, sensitivity to sounds (riding on a bus is pure torture because of this), can’t stand loud voices, certain smells, and even the way people behave, like they’re unattached emotionally, they’re not being able to feel empathy.

I feel very depressed often, alone, feeling like why do I stay here. And constantly feeling those old memories and scars where I went thru trauma constantly emerging over and over again.
I could go on, but at least I’m not alone. I would just like to not have to go thru the constant physical pain.

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Reiki Sound Healing
by: Mimi

Thank you for letting me know about the music. Is that the reason for these terrible body aches and pains - energy blockages?

Try Reiki & Sound Healing
by: April

Use distance reiki videos on Youtube that focus on chakras. Also, J.S. Epperson Solfeggio Suite and Solfeggio Cycle might be helpful. It seems like you have some serious blockages to loosen up. I found reiki and sound healing to be immensely helpful. Still do!

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