Controlling the symptoms

by TJ
(New Zealand)

My awakening suddenly intensified but I don't know how to control the symptoms. I work in an area where I need my wits about me but the dizziness and spacey feelings could put my life and others at risk. What can I do to alleviate the symptoms while still continuing on my ascension? Also, for years I have awoken from sleep to see symbols, faces or places floating around the room. Which dimension would I have been visiting?

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Higher Vibration thins the Veils of Realities
by: Anna

Hi TJ,
from my own experiences the best and quickest way to relieve these symptoms, and any ascension symptoms is to focus on relaxing by deep slow breathing from your lower abdominal area. Along with just witnessing without engaging into any emotions of the symptoms. This will realign your body and energy back into balance. The more you take the time to do it, the better results you will get.

In regards to your second pondering about which dimension? Considering there's infinite dimensional realities always available to experience reality, so there's really no actual pinpointing upon one.

It's more of a sensing and being more opening to seeing more of what's available to see as you awareness expands. As a fine tuning in and out of these more subtle realities. And this means that your vibration is becoming higher so you're noticing and experiencing seeing more of what's available.
Infinitely Anna

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