daisy days,by donna mcg..may4th,2010.

by donna mcg

it is a spring morning ,
the grass is covered in dew.
the daisies are open
and the light shines through...

a tulip is growing
in the far east in the garden,
and rabbits are hopping
and playing there too....

a guy named blue,
is so very blue indeed,
his shyness is considered,
but not in the leed.

he smiles at times,
and opens his mouth,
and makes too many mistakes,
and glad its his opened mouth..the end

a guy named car,
all wrapped in himself,
has a hard time
just opening a jar.

i offer to help,
and no is his deed,
so i let him sow,
his very own seed....the end

a prince of all time,
comes my way,
and then i find,
he is always a stray.
he choose his own path ,
oh what can i say,
i sure do love ,
this kind of stray..the end.

until we meet qgain,
i can and do say,
the prince and the car
and blue is all in a day,
they tried,i tried,
for nothing was done,
cause this thing called fear,
wrecked all of our fun..

so now it is done
and i go astray,
and find this thing fear
that keeps getting in my way,

i know what it is
how jolly i can be,
when i let out the stinger
and all of the bee,
it chases that fear,
until eternity..the end

as youv'e red this,
a glee in your eye,
now you know ,
i am not shy...the end...

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