Dealing with fear

by Carmine

Thank you for this article
I must admit that when I first read it I did not understand it !
I re-read several times and several months passed and it has slowly began to dawn on me
Roadblocks stem from fear just as you have stated, analyzing it over and over again lead me
To the same place it's our fears that caused these roadblocks, dealing with fear was easier for
Me than dealing with the roadblocks, along with using love energy path, dealing with it head on gave me the most power of being in control.

One example I can give you is procrastination even though I knew what I was suppose to be doing I avoided it, so now I just take aim and just do it without fear of knowing I can fail. Knowing and understanding what was holding me back was the key to moving through these road blocks and I thank you Anna for your help in this matter.
Hope everyone here has as much success as I did

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