Does the psyche or conventional self evolve?

by Roy K Austin
(Dorset England)

According to many sages the body/mind/ego conventional self has no reality other than the illusion of self which is pretty remarkable. To such and I include my no-self- there is no body -self ultimately and that it ceases with the body's demise.

The true self has no need to evolve since it is the cause of all and is our archetype in each one of us. Unborn but umbilically attached in some mysterious "we aint really here" but its marvellous that the true self has the experience. What a high?

Reading your words above I am not sure if this world understanding might set your teeth on edge,so to speak?
Warmest wishes Roy...

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by: Anna

Yes, it sure does seem that way, that humanity has so much value and belief in physical reality and our physical body. Yet most wisdom is that everything's an illusion appearing real by our physical senses. So experiences seems to really be the only thing that's real, or is it? Similar to an assimilator game, we think it's real until we come out of it to realize it wasn't. Similar to the movie, “The 13th floor”… Yes it sure is a natural high, and can get our limited perceptions spinning to comprehend it.

Experiencing OOB for me convinces me or sheds a lot of light on many illusions of physical too. I think that the conventional self, mind/body/ego is what's evolves, as infinite spirit already seems to know everything? Maybe the reason we can remote view into the past or future, and through infinite realities, and change the past.
Warmest wishes to you too Roy,

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