Dr Flora

by flora bassey

After my dna activation in 2009,I started a new job. After 3months, I lost the job and got another post in the same job as the company changed hands. I learnt the lesson of money-appreciating it as I had always taken money for granted. I sold all my jewellery for survival and came to understand those who loved me for my sake and those for money. Lesson learned.

I had a possessing bad spirit which I finally got rid of in 2012 after more than 40years of possession.

I am now on the verge of losing this fibroids which suddenly developed without resorting to surgery. My body has changed. I am 48 but I look like 32. There was so much light on me that people used to stop and gape. Negative people could not find me attractive and neither did I them. I have more tolerance for people and I am a spiritual teacher in the real sense of the word. All the teachings I had learnt of old such as Reiki, Yoga, Angelology, massage and the like is helping me help people move on. I feel so much better since the activation. It feels more like a serious detox of the soul.

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forgot to add a couple of things
by: Anonymous

We are the same age.

Also forgot to add that a friend told me that women tend to hold intimate relationship repressed feelings in the pelvic area and cause such probs as fibroids.

When you do the pose, you will feel the tension in your ovaries, eventually it will go away.


camel pose
by: Anonymous

God blessed me by getting rid of mine through diet change and yoga.

I'm not, and wasn't in a class, but wanted to care for my organs and restore my flexibility. I was, I know Spirit led, to do heart opening poses. I started doing the camel pose and the pains that I used to get in my right pelvic area went away.

This was late last year and at that time, I knew nothing about chakras. A friend from India later told me that the Camel pose unblocks all of chakras and repressed feelings.

If you do it, be aware that you may have physical and emotional purges, but it's worth it.

Great Learning Lessons
by: Anna

Hi Flora,
I so agree with you, it does sound like it was the detoxing of your soul, purifying it to more of its natural state. Which allowed all the years of possessions to no longer be a part of your reality because you have raised your consciousness through the process and learned many great lessons also through it all. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with us because it helps others who are still going through similar processes.
Love and blessings, Anna

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