Einstein and Quantum Theory united and explained Part 1

by Ryan Boyd McConnell
(North Port, FL 34288)

Quantum Relativity: The Mirage of Space and Time
Synthesizing Einstein’s Reality and Quantum Reality
By Ryan McConnell
North Port, FL

There is no Space-Time Continuum - nor is there space nor is there time outside of conscious observation. These are perceived manifestations of consciousness which have been revealed through the electrons of atoms. The Space-Time continuum can be accounted for at the macroscopic level because the macroscopic level is where perception of everyday life occurs.

Therefore, the universe that has been created through human beings is the visual representation of this conscious projection. Consciousness exists in every atom of the universe and has been revealing itself to humanity through the four universal forces (nuclear, weak, magnetic, gravitational), and which have exposed the very existence of another powerful force at the quantum level.

The unpredictable way that electrons move, such as changing form from wave to particle - based on conscious awareness, points to an intelligence behind the physical world. Another clue is the Entanglement of Electrons, which demonstrates the ability of entangled electrons, and therefore matter, to communicate with each other at any distance instantaneously, and even faster than the speed of light.

Scientists now do this with tiny molecules, not just atoms or subatomic particles. They have successfully teleported protons (particles of light) along with tiny crystals from one island to another in the Canary Islands and have done countless experiments demonstrating electrons communicating at a distance - instantly. It has been proven over and over again through mathematical equation and experimentation that entangled electrons can communicate outside of time without regard to the speed of light -an impossibility according to Einstein’s Special Law of Relativity.

When one entangled electron performs an action the other entangled electron responds inversely. This instant communication is true no matter what the distance is - even in another galaxy light years away. Even the legendary genius, Albert Einstein himself, couldn’t accept the reality of instantaneous entangled electron communication, but was eventually proven wrong not only mathematically but through experimentation as well. Einstein called it, “Spooky Action at a Distance.” There is no scientific explanation as to why this happens.

In addition to this phenomenon, electrons change form between wave and particle when observed. This has also been proven over and over again in sophisticated machines conducting the famous double slit experiment. To date there is no mathematical equation or scientific explanation that can account for either of these phenomena.

The Space-time Continuum is a perception created by the human brain. Time is a fabrication, a mental construct that does not exist as its own separate entity outside of consciousness. It is just a comparison of movement - since everything in the physical world is always moving from the smallest particles of matter - the electron all the way up to galaxies. The only logical conclusion that can be made based on what we know is that there is another force at work. This force is not something that can be seen, just like gravity cannot be seen. Its effects can be seen, however. It just is.

It is the Universal Force that compels all of the four universal forces: Nuclear, Weak, Electromagnetic, and Gravity. Six - if one includes Dark Energy and Dark Matter which are still theory but generally accepted within the scientific community. The forces cannot not be fully understood nor explained because their stimulus is from the Universal Force: Consciousness. This Universal Consciousness or “Being” dwells within the fabric of the smallest building blocks of our perceived reality. It is the force that drives all others. It is inside of us - it is us.

We are it and we are each other. Everything in is one. At the non-physical subatomic particle level is where this oneness occurs. It is the Universal Force or Consciousness that has evolved and continues to evolve everything-including humanity. Exuding Joy and Peace and enjoying the physical world and creating it through our conscious presence is the purpose of humanity . Space is an illusion. Distance is an illusion. It is the projection of perceived energy and observation of this through the sense perceptions.

The purpose of the universe is to experience the physical world.. Joy and love were the stimuli for this and they come from within. The purpose of life is life. Life is not the means to an end it just is. The purpose of the universe is the universe. Joy, love, gratitude, artistic expression and creation are the nature of the Universal Force. Experiencing the joy of life the joy of the physical world through every atom in the universe. This is the purpose for its existence. The purpose is for our enjoyment and union through the physical world. To share and love and be one with all with all of the Universe.

The laws of physics state that energy can only change form and that there is a finite amount of it and the amount in the universe is always the same. There is no time. It’s just a comparison of movement of this energy. This is demonstrated through quantum movement of electrons at the subatomic level. There is no time - it is a way for dwellers of the physical world to make sense of the movement we are perceiving. It is a comparison of two or more movements. The space time continuum is a manifestation of perception and as Einstein would say all relative.

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Wonderful Explanation
by: Anna

Thank you so much Ryan for your in depth explanation Of Einstein and Quantum Theory united, and in depth explanation about perception. Love the great reminder that the force is in everyone of us, which means yes, we are the force. And we are here to remember this as we continue to evolve knowing there's infinite possibilities available for us. Also love the reminder that love and joy comes from within, and when we really know it from experiencing it, nothing can alter that love and joy.
Infinite thanks,

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