Einstein and Quantum Theory united and explained Part 2

by Ryan Boyd McConnell
(North Port, FL 34288)

The force which makes electrons move does not perceive time to be a reality – because it is not- which is why electrons can move and communicate instantaneously without the laws of classical physics applying. Everything outside of physical perception is in essence timeless, omnipotent, omni-present, without form, and therefore without the physical world nor the laws of classical physics applying. Our connection to the physical world is through the four Universal forces and these forces compel all movement and therefore all perception of reality.

Reality is the opposite of our perception. True reality lies within. This is why time changes and the distance between point A and point B shortens if one were to travel close to the speed of light. Light allowed conscious perception outside of the original consciousness to take place - which in turn created the perceptual universe we inhabit. Therefore, if one were to travel close to the speed of light - the distance would change, and shorten, and time would be perceived to slow down and stop because it would be impossible for human senses or any other physical life form to observe the light, and therefore observe space and time as a perceptual reality. Therefore, the reality and perception of space and time would cease to exist and the nature and true origins of our nature and of the universe, in fact reality, would be seen for what it really is - an observation of consciousness and fabrication of energy, a sense perception of movement of energy across space and its ability with what is left is the conscious presence or being, the force behind all natural forces the forces whose thumbprints are viewable through the movement of electrons and the laws of quantum mechanics.

If the Universe existed without perception and were its own entity separate from consciousness then the perception of time and space would not change and would not be relative. Time and space would be static regardless of speed or gravitational force. The Universal Force, which is Consciousness, becomes one and the perception of the physical world disappears as light speed is approached - which means time and space do not exist traveling at the speed of light. Which therefore makes being in the physical world as a particle impossible.

We are real in perception only. The physical world is perception and a creation - a collective construct. Form and time are illusory. This becomes apparent as light speed is approached, because light and matter then spread everywhere in the universe and are all places simultaneously. Therefore, time and space or the perception of time and space as entities disappear because traveling at the speed of light would make observing space or matter impossible and it would make observing movement or the comparison of movement together impossible and it would eliminate the perception of a physical world because consciousness and you or any conscious being in particle form or the force within all forces inside of the atomic material would become one and form would disappear completely.

What we are left with at this point is the true origin of the universe that lies within every atom in the physical universe and which connects every being and everything and makes everything in essence one. What we are left with is one being or one consciousness or one creator. We are left with I AM.

If the universe was not a construct of consciousness this phenomenon would not occur. Space and Time are mental perceptions. Approaching the speed of light would make perception of space and time impossible because the ability to see, which is all based on the existence of light, would disappear because light could not be used to perceive space and forms in space and time because according to the Special Law of Relativity as you get close to the speed of light you would gain more and more mass -becoming one with Consciousness - with the Universal Force until you are the entire mass of the universe - which then would make it impossible to move because you would occupy all of the mass in the universe. This would render the senses impotent and non-existent and therefore observation an impossibility - which proves that our universe is created by observation.

The Perception of time would disappear because there would be nothing to compare the movement of two or more things to because you would be one with all mass in the universe. This proves that time is a mental construct. It proves that Quantum Mechanics is correct as well, and it also proves that the universe is created from perception and not the other way around. This was proven by the Double Slit experiment and countless other tests that proved that conscious observation or participation directly affect the state and reality of the electrons. The fact that two entangled electrons can communicate with each other instantaneously across any distance - thus ignoring special relativity is also proof of consciousness creating reality and creating our universe. It also proves that time and space are an illusion and that time is just an organizational tool to have a way of comparing two or more movements. Form would disappear because the ability to perceive it would be impossible because you would be one with all of the Mass in the Universe. Space would disappear because the ability to perceive it would be impossible and because of becoming all of the mass in existence. This would happen because the existence of mass is perception.

Einstein’s Law of Special Relativity and Quantum Physics opened the door to peek in at the true nature of the Universe, but until NOW the dots between the two had not been connected.

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