I went through the heart attack experience. I knew it was coming because I felt this 'whopping sound from behind that is like massive wings coming towards me. Freaked me out, had no idea what it was. The faster the heart beat the quicker the whopping would come to me like louder and louder, but all from behind. Only once it came so close I felt everything 'stopped'. Like paused, I felt I was stuck in between 'here' and the 'paused world'. The only problem was, I was driving. I had my niece in the car, and because I felt like I had (I'll call it 'whited out') she saw me stare off to nowhere while driving and automatically pull over to the curb. Why I called it 'whited out' was because it was like 'blacking out' but without the darkness, I could still see everything around me, except it was as if the world had 'paused'.

I remember my last experience and that was in my bedroom. I couldn't sleep. I had this fear that if I slept, I would die. I was so tired by 2am I gave up and went to sleep. The problem wasn't the sleeping it was being still in silence then worrying my heart was going to play up. I gave in. I allowed it to happened and no doubt it came. I allowed it to engulf me because I wasn't afraid anymore, I wanted to face this experience full on so yes, I was ready. I went through the same experience with the wings beating the whopping sound coming up behind me and relaxed and got ready to face whatever it was that kept frightening me for the last 2 weeks. Once it reached me the world 'paused' again. I was aware of it and felt the stillness. Then I felt I wasn't alone.

I felt the presence of someone else in the room. The more I 'felt' this, the bigger and grand it became. I couldn't see this I wasn't moving but I was aware plus the world had 'paused'. As it got bigger and bigger I knew then, I was in the presence of 'God'. I felt all these sensations in that room, everything felt bright, strong, electrifying.

I remember thinking that I finally understood when I hear people say god is almighty, because the experience I was having felt almighty, felt magnificent and I have never felt that before. Things were exchanged and to end this story a year later, I have been at peace, I love everything, I understand and I know and I am more aware of my conscious, I feel enlighten, I have premonition, I am grateful, I appreciate, I am positive and accepting.

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Profound Awakening Experiences
by: Anna

Yes, your experiences sure does resonates similar to what many of us have gone through. It seems to me now that whether it's heart or any illness or disease, subconsciously it could all be seen as suicide. A unconscious, or in your case conscious death urge to get us to the point of awakening to enlightenment.

It's the most profound experience when we come to the realization that it was always our own self that's responsible for everything. Even though it takes so much suffering for most of us to get to this self realization, the experiences give us our power back.

After that we come to know so much from our experiences, even if we have some backward falls, it's so much easier and quicker to pick ourselves up. Because the contrast of suffering compared to peaceful bliss is so profound that we begin to choose to no longer alter from that amazing state of being. And we can then see so many amazing new possibilities available that in the past were static.

Thanks for sharing your experiences, we're now on the journey to greater and new horizons.
Love and Light, Annazus

by: Anonymous

Thank you both for sharing! So Enlightening is what you call these experiences, im not sure if I can say Ive had these heart aching experiences to lead me to enlightenment, where as my experience to enlightenment was more mentally challenged. At one point in my Life I was confused, frustrated, lost and alone....I couldnt think, focus or anything, I was in a mental state of depression and suicide, I just so badly wanted to kill myself because I couldn't handle the physical strain on my heart. Mentally I was doing myself over in my head which caused me to physically become weak and tired and just ending it all, a stab to the heart with a knife or maybe slit to the wrists. Right now just thinking about it now makes me laugh as to how stupid and erratic and how overdramatic and over reacting I was being haha BUT at the time, I was in no decent frame of mind to even think straight, maybe the drugs and alcohol I was taking at the time to drown away the sorrows of living in this empty world had blinded me from reality, I wanted the easy way out, death by self destruction o.O

Anyways.....one night during the midst of mind fucking myself to death, sitting in the dark with a knife in my hand, tears welled in my eyes, sitting there feeling sorry for myself, praying.....Praying so hard to God to show me a sign and make me believe there was help, I dont know what I was waiting for, Gods Voice to tell me 'NO' or an angel to appear but I dont know...I was waiting for something...then it happened.......

I felt an intense pressure behind my head, my heart felt like it had stopped yet I could hear it beating deeply but slowly in the back of my head ....that 'pause' feeling you talked about, I felt this at the time....alone for awhile, I have never felt so alone and then a feeling rush over me like I was being cleansed!! I dont know what it was but it was the bestest feeling I had felt in such a long time.....I went from gloomy to weirdly 'happy' in an instant, through the tears and sadness.....I smiled and somehow I KNEW.....this is the moment Ive been waiting for, all my sadness everything negative I had felt had all of a sudden Lifted.....was it the Holy Spirit! Since that day I too also have felt at Peace with myself, I learnt that deep down inside, under all the hurt, frustration, mental and physical pain....the answer was always there within Me. It was like a light bulb had switched on in my head and for me to see the light I had to walk through the darkness, at my last end. I was blaming the world and everyone around me for my problems .....I expected someone, something, anything, anyone to come along and Help fix me......but this 'Enlightenment moment? Woke Me the Hell Up......I was the answer to my problems, I I 'I' had to fix myself, no one else, no one was responsible for me being that way and what was going on in my Head...it was all Me!!!

Im not sure if my story relates to this story but I think I have a Fair idea of how I can kind of relate :)

Enlighten response
by: Rena E

Thank you Annazus. I do wonder if I wasn't so frighten I'd have a more pleasant experience, oh and I do remember going through the vertigo experience too but either way I think if i didn't experience the transition the way I did I wouldn't of taken notice of the changes around me so seriously and intensifying, it did come down to faith in the end. :-)

Beautiful Crossroad Experience of Enlightenment
by: Anna

I am so appreciative and thankful that you shared your experience with us. It sheds great light for others to read what you've gone through that led to enlightenment.

Even though the experience of enlightenment and the true reality doesn't have to be experienced through near death, as many others have experienced it through other ways, near death is a big awakening.

I've had a similar experiences with my heart, and felt in the same kind of place you mentioned too, in between. For me I was alone, and at first so scared. Then a knowing flooded upon me that it's my choice right there, face to face with death or living. It's such an indescribable experience, and so divine when we let go to experience the Infinite All-mighty taking over.

Near death experiences allows us to know the true reality and bring it back into our everyday life as you've explained through your expression of your experiences. The unconditional love, peace and openings to psychic abilities is the beginning of our new journey that becomes our new way of living and experiencing life

So wonderful again to hear of your experience,
it's such a fabulous beginning to the most wonderful journey of our lives now and for our future.
Divine cheers,

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