Is there a way for me to find my inner soul? I have a lot of pictures that encourage me that I look at everyday, but there is a difference between being told that you are and knowing that you are a miracle. Even though I always look at them for encouragement, I cant seem to make them stick in my mind, I always try throughout the day, but my mind just keeps going back to being negative, it feels like there is a barrier that is blocking me, so, I ask if I am doing anything wrong? Or not doing something that I should? Or maybe I am just too impatient? Do I just need to relax and have faith and trust in the Universe?

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by: Anna

Awakening is letting go of ego, body, mind long enough, and then you will experience who you really are. Though yes, you're always your true self, and it's not even a gift, it's who we are without all the personality characters we play believing they're real.

So the effort is relaxing and not listening or engaging in the thoughts, feelings, etc...which is what meditation does, and just being quiet and present. Enlightenment is after awakening, sustaining the true infinite self in daily life instead of the ego.

A great example of the difference of awakening would be to see a picture or video of a place you'd like to visit, compared to actually going to the place in person to experience it.

Mooji video are great guidance.

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