by steven campbell
(scotland )

Hi i have had a few things happen that make me wonder if i have some sort of esp or something. I get a lot of deja vu and this one time i got into this argument with this guy, the guy attacked me but right before he did it i got this overwhelming sense of deja vu. I just knew he was going to attack me it was like the whole situation had happend before, very stange feeling.

Another strange thing happened, i thought of this guy who takes drugs and i thought to myself that someone would put a picture of him on facebook mocking him. Which i think is wrong and don't agree with but the very next day someone put a picture of him on facebook mocking him. It really freaked me out.

That's just some of the things thats happened to me, there's been alot of small things like thinking of a word just before someone on tv says it. And i get the 11:11 sign alot, i had my most unbelievable one today, i went for a short nap on the couch when i woke up i had this urgent thought in my head that the time would be 11:11 so i looked at my phone quickley to check the time and it was 11:11, i was amazed :).what do you make of all this stuff?

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Extra Sensory Perception
by: Anna

Hi Steven,
the experience of Deja vu is experienced from many different sources, as from a dream that we don't remember, or another lifetime, or even from intense emotional thoughts in daydreams, or an expectation from our beliefs manifested.

In the present moment of the argument with the guy that then hit you, you were open and consciously aware and that showed you more of what was going on. As ESP is defined of having extra sensory perception.

There may also have been a momentum time lapse as a result of beliefs that create the manifestation of your expectation. In many of our experiences we don't notice how our beliefs also create the reality we experience and energize to us to learn from.

The time, 11:11 is also showing you synchronicity that can also have great guided messages for you too. Also keep in mind that what we continuously focus upon is like a magnet bringing more of the experiences to us.
Hope this helped shine some light on your experiences,
Love & Light,

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