Eternity symbol

by Jyoti Sondhi

I started feeling the movement of energy in all my chakras. The moment I put my hand on any chakra or put my attention on any one of them, in a few seconds I can feel the energy movement making the number 8, which is the eternity symbol.

Also, in my sacral and solar plexus, I can feel the movement of energy making different kinds of patterns, seem geometrical or symmetrical. Wonder if it means the energy is flowing freely through the energy channels in the body!!!!

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Open Energy Flow
by: Anna

Hi Jyoti,
thanks so much for sharing your transformational experience as it provides others to be able to do the same thing with the least amount of effort and of simplicity. From the description of your experience it sure does sound as you have harmoniously by your intended focused attention energized the flowing of energy in your body.

Your clear flowing of energy is optimal for your body to be a channel for Infinite Sources that provides you with infinite insights and empowerment in every way.
Love and Light,

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