From enlightment back to a more fear based reality than ever before.

by Gry Anita Halstensen

My dna change started in early March this year with muscle spasmes and vibrating muscles and flu symptoms. I started living in a 100% love based reality. But after two months i fell into a 100% fear based reality. I have been in this reality since April, and I can't live like this anymore! This situation has made me hospitalized.I need help!! 29 year old norwegian woman.


Phone.number: + 47 97 60 97 78

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More focus on Love to Override the Fears
by: Anna

Hi Gry Anita,
I empathetically understand some of what you are going through because in the beginning of the changes, at first it's great and then the personality steps in detouring the love with fears.

The biggest challenge and opportunity becomes to keep the focusing on love to override the fears. It's the focus on the fears that creates disturbances in the body as illnesses. However, with constant daily reminders and committed focus on love and higher consciousness and learning more knowledge about what you are going through is what I found that was a tremendous help when I was going through it. So the fears can dissolve so much quicker and creates the well being and love energy to continue.

Infinite Love and Light,

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