Funny Feeling

by Mike
(New York)

well, one night, the Jay Leno show was about to come on, and I was looking on the TV guide. It said that a man named Don Rickles. I had never heard of this man in my life, but when I saw his name, I had a feeling that he was funny, like a comedian. I could picture my mom sayiing that he was funny. So, I asked her who he was, and she said, 'He's a comedian." Then, I said, "Oh", and she said, "Yeah, he's funny." So, that's it. I have had many more expiriences, and this is the smallest, least important one so far.

Hi Mike, though this seems like a small experience, the best part is that you are aware to notice that you picked up the information and it was correct and then confirmed. This is remote viewing into consciousness and getting information and of course the more you continue to be aware, the more you will continue to notice more of it and more bigger experiences too. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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