Forgive me,his ain't an experience Im sharing but a query.
Can I possibly change my hair texture,have the hair of my dreams and all the beauty that I desire(or some :)) by DNA changing?

Love and light and gratitude!

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Happy Manifesting Your Dream Hair
by: Anna

Hi, you sure can change your hair texture.

Presently your hair has been growing in from a past belief to be the way it is, so embrace it with love for the contrast experience that is now inspiring you to expand to create a new preference.

As soon as you begin seeing by imagining or visualizing and focusing your attention on your (your dream hair) the end result of the texture you want, you begin the process. When you add intense emotions to the imagining, as if it's already the way you wanted it, you quicken the timing too.

The most important part is to not give up until you see the results you wanted. The inner vision of it must become more real than the present reality of your hair. Which means you are reprogramming your belief and subconscious to grow your hair in the way you prefer it to be.

The greatest benefit is when you do experience it yourself, it's priceless and adds more great creation/manifesting success to your memories.

I have experienced my own hair change and become thicker, and where it began to thin, it filled in.
Happy manifesting, love and light,

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