Home is just a Dream

by Annistacia

I grow with an endless river,
flowing in the depths of my soul,
winding down crevices I've never seen but have always known,
searching for these treasures that I can't quite touch,
just only able to grasp at the tip of the fragrances that reach my heart.

An ache that's lives eternally and maybe forevermore,
inside of me, weeping along the shore waiting,
oh waiting for a key to set this ache free.
I swim among the creatures in the sea,
masked and marked to look like them,
and this might be from where my ache does stem.
I wonder if they know,
even with these marks like them,
that I'm from another world,
maybe on a land that fish could only dream of.

Even as I twist and turn in the shadows of this sea,
the ache grows dull and for a moment I'm free,
a burden they'll never see is a secret that keeps me sane,
if my marks were seen,
I'm positive that only then I'd vanish,
unveiled and bare, without a trace, never to be known before or again.

I know I'd die,
if I followed this craving that haunts me,
haunts me so beautifully,
sweet and sensuous, a torturous feel.

If I left the sea behind, to follow the stars,
to be with the moon, to be finally at home,
oh I know I'd miss my prisoned sea.
To die so I can live a life that's mine,
but just for a moments breath, only to die again. And what a moment, could you imagine?

To feel the long lost erotic fantasy, what I've only known as dream, to smell, breath, touch every grain of sand, each tiny bit of air rushing through my lungs, before the abyss takes over, and as I leave it all behind, I smile, knowing this is how it was meant to be, without a doubt and no regret, I say goodnight as the moon kisses me softly and dances off into the sky, off into the night with the stars by her side.

-Annistacia Yeo

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Beautiful Expression
by: Anna

I really enjoyed your poem, so deep and emotional with meaningful insights.

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