How can i know what the hallucinations i had mean when i was 6?

by Brandon

I was terrified when I heard and saw it but it was 3 times the same thing once each night when everybody was in bed. First I heard my dad yell out my name Brandon! Heard him stomping his feet into my room and he stared at me for 15 seconds and vanished or walked out. I saw a white ghostly image of my dad at the door waving at me with his hand like he wanted me to come here but I always yelled when he disappeared. Then the 3rd time he walked out and came back in and walked out for the last time. I never saw him again but how can I know if my brain was trying to tell me something.

I really think it had some kind of special meaning to it. I also heard bombs away and it literally felt like someone pushed me off the bed with the cover in 2 different nights.

The last one I had I saw a robot come out of the closet with scissors for a hand and he said I will cut you with a mouth in a deep raspy voice and I never had any again.

My doctor said I don't have any symptoms of schizophrenia and he will keep decreasing the medicine until I don't take any of it as long as I'm fine but is it possible that it means something like dreams do?

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Infinite Realities
by: Anna

Hi Brandon,
Firstly, doctors really have a very limited knowledge of schizophrenia or any other symptoms as such. Or do they know about infinite reality timelines and the nature of reality out of their conditional medical learning, so their opinions and the way they deal with symptoms I feel is really outdated.

You do already know the answer to all your questions. and you can allow the answers to surface by just relaxing in the powerful present moment to allow the info of intuitive info to flow through you.

I do feel that there's always greater signs and significant meanings to all our experiences, and your questioning of it all will lead you to the answers. It will also have unique meanings of significance individually for each one of us, so that is the reason I am guiding your to allow your own answers to surface. Individually we all have different meanings that pertain to our own life and beliefs ect...

I also feel these experiences you have had is the shifting of realities as there are infinite dimensional realities of timelines always present to access and experience.

Our dream reality is another dimensional reality too and has a lot of info that we can decipher of what may be going on in our physical life.

Do keep us updated on your progression of the answers that do flow through to you.
Infinitely, Anna

I think It meant some kind of special chance
by: Anonymous

An opportunity to live a certain life but it had to of started at that time I had the hallucinations and I think I was supposed to get up and go somewhere in the middle of the night but I was too afraid. Maybe I could of shifted realities to another life where the world is really different than this reality. It's already been 11 years and I don't know if I can get another chance. I was really interested in a story happening where every time someone tries to steal something from me I don't mean something physical and it doesn't matter where they are in the world including the afterlife but I don't know what it is Every time they always fail and start not acting right and saying stuff like meteors fall on poop land OR anyone want a rotten apple there rotten free in a weird voice. It would of started out if they fail to take whatever it is starting at night time my brother would not act right for a few seconds. Then my neighbor would of said Got my leg now how's that? Then my brother walks out through the hallway and my mom and brother are talking not acting right for a minute showing him a shirt when I'm in bed awake watching. It keeps getting worse for them but they don't want it and it keeps getting longer each time with more and more people around me but even when it gets worse doesn't have to be a lot every time. In the afterlife too there not acting right It ends when everyone is not acting right for a few seconds stops for a second and then there like that forever Then maybe I would shift to a reality with an even more awesome story with the same idea I had that idea in my head for a while and I saw it on an old documentary about the moon causing that to happen to everyone but never comes on anymore. If the moon were the case then it would be everyone all at once and they don't stop It would of happened when I was 6 if I did what I was supposed to do.

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