How do i shift realities to a younger version of myself?

by Brandon
(South Carolina)

Is it possible? I asked this before but it didn't come up on the page. If everything is possible then I should be able to Time Shift to a reality where I was 7 years old. I don't have to just go forwards in time when shifting, Right? Could I appear in another place when shifting? Please explain how to do it the best way you can.

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Reality Shifting
by: Anna

I can only guide you from teachings I have learned. Honestly, I can't answer your question from experience because I have not had that kind of desire.

So I am offering some guidance from my experiences of manifesting my desires, since what you are asking is a burning desire for you.

Presently for me it seems that there's one way to manifest our desires. By being in the powerful present moment in a relaxed state with a loving heart, and by focusing as if the desire is already manifested, and staying in that state of being as much as possible. Really getting into what it feels like.

Though there are so many tools we can use to get us into the present moment and use as energy tools, what seems to work the best is, to be the state of being of your preference, focus in the present as it already is, and expand that momentum by reminding and getting into that state throughout your daily living. In other words, perpetuate being your manifested desire until you experience it.

If you or anyone else knows of an easier more effective way, please do share it with us because we all would love to find newer and quicker ways.

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