how strong can the power of awareness of your physical body be?

by Vanessa
(hampstead nh)

I did this meditation from a book where I was told to just focus my awareness on my middle finger and it will grow longer than your other hand. The first few time I did this it did exactly what it was supposed to do.

This time it had been a while since I had done it, so once again I focused on my right hand middle finger but this time I kept telling it to grow. When I finally compared my hands I had actually shrank all of my fingers on that hand except my thumb which got bigger.

My question is why when I just focus it does what I want but when I tell it to do what I want it does the complete opposite times ten. They literally shrunk 1/2 an inch in length but once I stopped focusing went back to normal.

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Beliefs Create Reality, by Changing the Belief the Reality Changes
by: Anna

Hi Vanessa,
when you focus your intention on your hands, your focus energizes the results through your body and perception of the changes you desire to experience. You subconsciously believe you can and you do experience the changes in your fingers with no resistance. So the focusing is a practice and the more we do it and experience success with it, the more we build up memories of the successes which build up new belief systems. And the new belief system simply then expects the experience.

When you try to "command" it to occur and it does not occur, it's because of the belief that you still haven't progressed to command it yet. Eventually with enough practice you would be able to command and experience it.

Everyone is also on their own path with this and if it's a desire to experience "commanding" then that's what you can experience when the belief for it is in place to support it. Then there will be no resistance and you would just expect it to occur.
I hope this helps,

Thoughts manifesting physically
by: Vanessa

Yes it does thank you. I never knew that kind of thing was possible until I tried it. The thing is for as long as I have been trying to do healings or trying to change my physical appearance this was the only thing that all I had to do was focus on my hand no thought involved just focus and the simple intent for it to grow but I would just say that at the beginning. After that I would just focus and it would come so easy that I'm wondering is it possible to do that same thing with let's say "weight loss" . By simply saying I'm going to lose two inches "here" and then focusing? Sorry if say so much. It just amazes me how easy it was for my mind to manipulate my physical body by thought. If you have any recommended exercises I could do that would be great. Oh and I bought that death gene book you recommend a while ago but I'm getting it in the mail today so we'll see how it is.

Strong Enough to Change it to Your Desire
by: Anna

Absolutely Vanessa,
it's that easy when there is no resistant beliefs to get in the way. Just by pure focusing energy you can change your weight and anything else you desire to change, your body will change to your desire. We are only challenged if we have any beliefs that would resist it from manifesting, however even then anything can be changed once the belief changes. That's when we need to reprogram the subconscious with what we desire.

You can use the experience you had with your fingers changing and do the same thing with anything you desire your body to become.

The quickest way is to already see your body as you wish it to be without altering your focusing with how it now is. You really have to ignore the present reality and stay focused on the desire already fulfilled. To be thinner, you just see yourself as already thin and ignore how your body is presently. If you stay true to your desire, it will change.

I did this and released over 35 pounds and can still eat what I want to eat, it's truly experiencing heaven on earth. When we keep our focus only on what we want, it does become. Any time lapse is individual, it varies dependent on each persons individual beliefs.

I look forward to hearing from you too after you read the book.
Infinite love, Anna

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