Hundreds of faces

Last night, as I was drifting off to sleep, I began to see faces. First one, then another, and then they started coming really fast, like I was changing channels really fast. They were all peaceful faces, just looking at me, seeming to want me to know they were there. They all seemed tired, and most seemed to have an Hispanic or Indian ethnicity. There were hundreds, maybe thousands, just face after face after face. And only one seemed joyful. The rest all seemed blank, or slightly sad. But peaceful.

Has anyone else ever had this experience? I have seen one ghost before, and I often hear bells or a very musical voice saying my name.


Hi Mary,
I have seen a few faces in my past, however not as many as you are describing. Sounds like you may have tuned into another reality, maybe even from this earth, or could be from another dimensional reality. It could also be from past lives? The important part of it I think is what the meaning or reflection means to you? That they were peaceful or slightly sad could be reflecting something about your life that may be slightly sad but you’re accepting peacefully, which is a great sign.

I have heard music and also have heard my name being called too, so many times when no one was around. If we really are multi-dimensional beings, which I believe we are, that does explain many paranormal experiences. Any experience we have always comes back to ourself because everything we perceive is filtered through our own beliefs, so everything can always teach us more about ourselves.

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