I have experienced so many symptoms whilst becoming spiritually enlightened

by Gracie
(London Uk)

The physical symptoms I had started with skin irritations my normal products were irritating me l. I then had the whole list of flu like symptoms but the hot sweats would come and go so quickly and interchanging. I began needing less and less sleep and could wake in the middle of the night feeling full of energy and like I had slept all night . But I was waking at 2/3:4 am every night. I began not wanting to eat anything I normally ate and was naturally drawn to buying fruit and veg and craving natural healthy food. I have been up and down like a yo yo sometimes I can feel pure joy and love. I also don’t find the same satisfaction in any of my old ways or habits even. I can no longer indulge in gossip and find myself naturally wanting to be a good moral person.

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