I have had symptoms my whole life

by Simon Krøier Henriksen

I dont know if it's dna activation symptoms but my whole life i have had ringning in my ears and i am 20 now :) Since i was little i have been able too see spirits and heal and see things that happens in the future in my Dreams and many other things, but lately i have had experiences where my heart jumps all over the place. And i have flu like symptoms and headaches and i eat more then i used too, sometimes less.

I am very tired all the time and sometimes i wake up like 3 or 4 in the morning and i am very confused all time and many other things. Could this be dna activation symptoms?. Sorry for the long post :) infinite love and light too all of you from denmark 😊

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Expanding Consciousness Changes
by: Anna

Hi Simon,
DNA symptoms is just another phrase pertaining to our biological system of changes which also defines expanding or evolving in consciousness, enlightenment, ascension or kundalini. This also unfolds into experiencing more of our infinite abilities that's perceived as "psychic"

Many of us have similar experiences, others may also have more unique experiences, as we are all a unique part of the whole, so it will all vary.

Your experiences sound like they are a result of expanding in consciousness, and your biological body system is constantly adapting to the changes. This is the reason for the heart fluttering, eating, sleep changes and so on. It also varies individually from birth in the expanded experiences we have too of the openness that allows us to tune into different spirit worlds/dimensions. Which is always available.

All that you have expressed is a result of changes going on within you, and until your body comfortably adapts to the changes, you become to settle more into it. Rest is important when the need arises, the same with eating differently too. Following your own cue's is the best way.

Many of us also awake early, 3 or 4am, as it seems to be a beneficial time for tapping into infinite consciousness easily, seems to be less static interference.

Becoming more comfortable and accepting things being different than in the past while going through these changes really helps relieve any unsettling confusion. Spending some time, even if it's quick pausing throughout the day to quiet the chattering mind of our personality. As we become more present it calms us into a relaxed state that's very beneficial as we go through these changes.
Hope this helps,
Infinite Love & Light, Anna

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