I think i can sense death.

For the past few days i have been very paranoid and thinking of every little way to die, wether im walking in the street or in a car i keep having a sick feeling of dearh and been very scared.

I keep hearing whistling when im in bed, like someone whistling a simple tune and everynight i hear and see people walking through my upstairs hallway. Then earlier today i walked into my bedroom and i got a very strong smell of dead body. Very very strong smell.

I asked my brother and parents and they said they couldnt smell a thing. This is getting very worrying and i am terryfied. I have had Quite a lot of past paranormal experiences but not like this, i think someone is trying to tell me something.
I am 15 years old and pertrified. If you have any info about this, PLEASE email me khia56@live.co.uk

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Best to Relax
by: Anna

Hi Khia,
that you found the website means you are probably more sensitive to energies. Frequencies of energy are all around us, however when we become more aware we also can become more sensitive to energies too, depending on our thoughts, beliefs and emotions.

Our thoughts tune us into in on all kinds of different frequencies of energies, dimensional realities. Think of yourself similar to a remote control using thoughts to tune into different energy realities, and changing the channel, so working on keeping your focus is important.

Probably the reason you are noticing it more than others around you is because you have become more aware and sensitive. However you can also use your thoughts with emotions to tune to better frequencies of energy. Off of fear by relaxing and refocusing on joy and love of life instead, and especially whenever those fearful or terrifying feelings surface.

It probably doesn't mean that someone is going to die. If you have been making changes, sometimes we get intense feelings of sensing death of our old personality changing to a better one. But if you have been focusing allot on death you will pick up on similar energies of that frequency.

It's the greatest opportunity for you to let go of those old fear thoughts and emotions, facing them with courage and love and letting them go. You are probably bringing old energies of fear to the surface to be released without being so attached to them. The best thing to do is relax with deep calming thoughts and breaths. Also read or listen to an inspiring video.

Remind yourself that when you stay in fear or panic too long it magnifies it and restricts your body's immune system too. By relaxing with slow deep breaths and putting your attention on enjoying life will help allot.

It's important to continue to direct your thoughts only what you'd prefer to experience, that means keep re-correcting your focused thoughts until you feel better and better.
Let us know how you are doing after doing this.
Love and Light Anna

It could be spirits you are sensing
by: Paul from New York

Hello, and thanks for your story. I have had similar experiences in my earlier life, including the smells and other senses. I found them all to be connected to hauntings. In fact, when I was younger, they were so strong that for the longest time I had this "premonition" that I would never reach the age of 30. Coupled with that, an occasional sense of doom where I would imagine different bad things happening to or around me.

Well here I am at almost 48, and I'm still here! As I've gotten older, my senses for such things have dulled, but I can still tell if a place is haunted. If I were you, I'd go to places that I knew had spirit activity, and see if you could sense them.

Hope this helps put your mind at ease, cheers.

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