I won an ipad

Great Post!

I won an ipad shortly after listening to an Abraham audio on YouTube. There Abraham said this:

"Most people feel the need to justify their existence."

I myself have been examining and releasing beliefs of the limiting dimension of terrestrial existence.

Bashar has been a great teacher and of great assistance in releasing my negative beliefs.

Let me share some things that you will find very helpful:

A. Money beliefs come as an extension of more fundamental beliefs about life. Here are some beliefs that you can adopt if you want:

"Life is all about play in ecstatic blissful freedom."

When you change your perception of life to the above, your vibration raises big time. But if you believe that life is a struggle, needs tons of effort, feel obliged to do things that you do not enjoy etc, such beliefs are contradicting to winning millions from the lottery.

You have to allow yourself to be ok to be unconditionally free.

B. Change your perception about what you perceive as big amounts of money.

10 million dollars is not a lot of money.

Everybody can win 10 dollars in the lottery, but what about 10 million?

Well, guess what! 10 million is only big or rare if you define it that way. If you realize that it is a small amount, then you easily receive it.

Most people have adopted their beliefs about what amount of money is big from the working class.

Realize that the working class are slaves.

It is dumb to believe that 30,000.00$ per year are normal money. No, they are not. They are poverty.

If you want to receive millions from the lottery take your cue from the lottery winners, and from evolved souls who are free, and not from the modern slaves who believe they must work their butt in order to receive a piece of bread (some thousands of dollars).

C. Finally, I will share with you my blueprint for receiving money:

Pure net
Actionlessly or almost Actionlessly

Received money.

And my definition of the perception of different amounts of money:

1. More than enough money: 50M+ PN owned money & 1M+ PN Monthly PI

2. Enough money: 5M to 50M PN owned money & 50K to 1M PN Monthly PI

3. Some money: 500K to 5M PN owned money & 10K to 50K PN Monthly PI

4. Little money: 100K to 500K PN owned money & 6K to 10K PN Monthly PI

M = Million
K = Thousand
PN = Pure Net
PI = Passive Income (recurring income received doing nothing)

If you want wealth coaching email me at: xar.papado@gmail.com

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So Right On!
by: Anna

Congrat's to you for your ipad win!
I agree with your right on, that we have to let go of limiting beliefs and feel and know we are deserving.

I agree too with you that as aware creators, now we can create money in easier ways than the old have to work hard for our money. Now it's about excitement and fun, and knowing it's up to ourselves. Thanks for sharing your insights and wisdom.

A little more elaboration on this
by: Charalampos

Yes, this is it.

One's ability to receive anything, including money, depends on one's perception of the world.

A helpful view of the world is seeing it as a video game.

In a video game anything can manifest in the character's world, simply by accessing and changing the programming code.

In what many perceive as "real physical life", the programming code is the beliefs, or core vibrations, or samskaras or karma or whatever.

I am inclined to believe that these vibes are in our chakras.

Check this video of Yogiraj Satgurunath Siddhanath, from whom I was initiated into Kundalini Kriya Yoga, talking about it:


This is the fundamental thing.

Planet earth is a very limiting platform. The human system is so dumb that many times I wonder what the hell we are trying to fix. You don't try to manipulate an old computer in order to increase its capacity. You throw it away and get a new one!

But for as long as we are here, let's get the best out of this platform.

Abraham once asked someone why he wants more money.

He said, among other things: "To help other people."

Then Abraham said (I paraphrase it as I don't remember the exact words):

"Some humans feel so unworthy that they believe they need to justify their money. Simply say: I want more money to realize my desires!"

Check this video about manifesting money from Teal Scott

(Teal says she is an Indigo Child).



Creating Unlimited Programming
by: Anna

Again I agree, it's the program, and we can change and create the programming, there are no limits.

I also resonate with Bashar's statement, 'nothing has built in meaning', so that gives us total freedom to define everything for our highest benefit and potential.

I agree too that we don't have to justify or sacrifice anything whether it's about money or anything else we desire. I watched both video's and they are right on.

by: Charalampos

One of the things Bashar has said again and again is this (paraphrased):

"You can't change the world. What you can do is raise your frequency and shift to other more positive parallel realities. It's not about changing others, it's about changing yourself, and then everything changes."

In my experience, when the vibration of a being raises after a certain "threshold", earth seems a very elementary and limited neighborhood. Other people seem like babies, most earth activities become useless, religions become irrelevant, and the being loses most of its interest about wordly things.

Then, all the talk about spirituality, about the earth golden age, about enlightenment, blah blah, become irrelevant.

The being wants to leave earth asap, as it now has access to other dimensions of existence, in comparison to which earth is a hell.

As per my current understanding, it is very difficult if not impossible for a being to express its full potential on earth.

The human system can't capacitate the Vibrational State of higher planes of existence. The mechanisms of perception of the human system are unbelievably distorted. Suffering is not the result of the ego - mind structure. Suffering is the result of choosing (or whatever) to live in such a limited dimension.

In my opinion, all these spiritual teachers who teach detachment from worldy desires are dead wrong in their perspective. They teach from a level that most humans can't understand.

I don't see how a being can release earth desires until its vibration raises to such an extent where terrestrial activities are no longer interesting.

And of course it is a very good question why a being would choose to experience earth. The only reason I can think of is that it had no choice (something like an obligatory class).

Total Freedom with Free Will
by: Anna

I resonate more with we do have the choice and choose to come into physical again, as our own free will. And to learn what we didn't learn previously, and do what we haven't done yet.

One theme could be to see the love and beauty in everything that in the past was perceived as negative, fear or judgment. The version of the Earth we experience I agree is dependent on our own vibrational frequency. If we see limits in this dimension then when we dissolves those beliefs in limits, we shift to the parallel earth dimension that is unlimited. All dependent on our own perceptions and beliefs of our frequency.

Death in linear is perceived as reincarnation, however once able to perceive beyond linear we can see it as another dimension. Similar to an actor in a play, changing costumes for another scene, death is choosing another body for the scene in play earth. Yet in the costume room, we remember it's just a play, or dimension till back in the play again, kind of thing.

We can also experience other dimensions when we are Out of Body, in our body it's just a wonderful vehicle to get around in. I feel physical experience can be a wonderful platform to do allot of this from.

So for myself there is still lots that I haven't experienced in physical as psychic or supernormal, like the most out of the box abilities to be able to do on command. When we are out of body we can do everything, but then to do it in physical is the most fabulous to experience.

You are probably right that in higher dimensions they no longer have desires of earthly worlds, however I am not at that stage yet.

by: Charalampos

Bashar has said (paraphrased), that when a being leaves the physical body it says:

"Ahhh. Physical reality. A bad dream!"

I also enjoy some earthly stuff, yet when if I put on a scale the pros and cons of terrestrial existence, I come to realize that it's not worth it anymore.

Accepting anything less than ALL THE BEST is a compromise only a limited mind can conceive. and this limited mind is the human mind.

Even the slightest disturbance is unacceptable for me, and this is how I know that this is my last life on Earth.

It's like living in a place, and then you realize that you don't like it anymore, - or better - that you prefer to be somewhere else. This is when you know that you will be somewhere else.



Last Incarnation
by: Anna

What would you do with your body if you left?

I am intending for this to be my last incarnation too, however am choosing to one day get to a state that I can park my body somewhere. So if I want to come back to visit, I can still use it. I guess I have such enduring feelings still for physical existence.

You must be really ahead of your time to be ready to leave to never come back. However since anything is possible, there would be a way somehow if you truly desired to.

That's what's so magnificently beautiful about all this, we get to choose uniquely and personally what we enjoy the most to experience on this infinite adventure.

by: Charalampos

I was writing a reply and then I returned to the page. Maybe you received it, maybe not.

I would like to interact with you, maybe some chat on Skype or Fb.

I am always interested in interacting with positive and evolved beings.

If you would like this too, send me a mail at xar.papado@gmail.com, and then I will mail you back to arrange our talk.


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