if snake was not poisonous women could use it use it to tie firewood

by Jayson Amstrong

it reflects the reality of nature
thats if snakes were not poisonous
human being could take him as a friend
but since thats not the cause man must
becareful with this animal.

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thats cool
by: black jah

oh jayson thats cool i like your quotes it is very creative a real one too go ahead but try to edit your language before any post i realy appreciate your efforts. go ahead you can do it too

Great Quote with Hidden Opportunity to Transform
by: Anna

Thanks Jayson for your powerful quote of insightful perception of the snake and firewood. It surfaced allot of definitions for me.

When I think of snake, I think of the kundalini rising in us, and if it's poisonous it can symbolize judgments that is dual or 2 sided. Using the snake to tie up firewood so it won't hurt us and instead embrace its potential.

Being careful, as in to be aware so we can transform the poisonous residue of judgments, to use for greater learning, same as duality of fire can either burn us or warm us. Similar to alchemy of our perception to transform duality to neutralize it for the fire of love burning inside of us to flame duality into unifying it.

You referred to women to tie the firewood. As we intertwine masculine and feminine (tied) together. The word shows 2 sides too of duality, wo-men, so women and men unified, as a whole for infinite spirit potential.

Thanks so much for starting my day with your powerful quote of insight that got my mind going, what a great way to start the day.

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