In the process...

by Hunter

First, I had vibrations especially in my head. It started just from where the third eye chackra is located. Then it spread in the other parts of my head. But I noticed that it's stronger on my right side. I can feel the vibrations in my right ears.

After 3 days, I had 2 days of unpleasant intense vibration, and I feel it everytime. And what I hated was the feeling that there is something inside in my head banging my skull. After that, the vibration got pleasant and there seem to be liquid in my head. It's flowing from my eyes like I'm crying. Now, I feel hot and cold.

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Head Sensitivity
by: Anna

Hi Hunter,
thanks for sharing your experiences and it's so in sync because I myself have been experiencing the same thing in the past few weeks. Everything was quite calm for quite awhile and then these similar symptoms were of my experience too. From my research and insights we have become more sensitive, becoming more in tune and are hearing and feeling the higher frequencies that we couldn't tune into in the past. Being open and receptive to higher guides or insights, as they can also be helpful messages.

I have also experienced liquid and tearing like crying too, along with hot and cold. Though the tearing didn't last as long as the head and ear vibration and pounding. Our body is mostly water so as we release old emotions, and while our inner body is changing, we are experiencing it's sensations.

As I have mentioned in other submissions that deep breaths to bring on relaxation while trusting the processes of changes is most beneficial. Along with affirming to your body that its in perfect balance and harmony. It's even more important now to be aware of what we are focusing our attention and intention on through these changes, so our body can respond of it's highest benefits.
Love and Light, Anna

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