increased learning

by isaac

I started to meditate about 4 years ago because i was at a really low point in my life and felt that everything was a mess. At first started out using binaural audio and lots of reading, this eventually led me on a quest to astral project. Although i haven't project yet even to this day, this lead me to start a dream journal.

I ask the divine source to help me achieve this and was taught kundalini yoga in a dream which i started to do. After about mid way through my 2nd year i was trying some meditation and breathing techniques, my third eye suddenly open and i saw all the colours of my chakras, this inspired me more. I ask god again to help me and stumbled across qi gong and falun gong i started to do the prior and after about 6 monts i could feel my dantien.

I started to learn about gratitude and the laws of the universe which made me not so unhappy anymore since then i met my wife and had a child. I have since had two lucid dreams and i feel like i have raised my level of vibration and met 2 of my spirit guides. I have since learn or self taught myself numerology, electronics, reflexology to name a few. Recently i have started to take an interest in numbers that i see on a daily basis, even though i am not advanced and quick as i would like to be, i believe i am still growing inside.

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